Hrgovic Stops Molina; Wants Parker, Chisora & Povetkin!

Filip Hrgovic Stays Undefeated!

Filip Hrgovic
Filip Hrgovic

Filip Hrgovic stops Eric Molina with relative ease! 

In a very zany fight, rising heavyweight prospect Filip Hrgovic (10-0, 8 KO’s) stopped veteran Eric “Drummer Boy” Molina (27-6, 19 KO’s) in the third round.

Right from the clang of the first round bell Molina fought a listless, disinterested and very flat fight. The taller Hrgovic was able to use his height, reach and power punches to quickly put Molina on the back foot.

Aside from fighting near exclusively in a defensive posture, Molina also made the disastrous decision to routinely bend over at the waist.

By doing so he kept the back of his head exposed, which is a target that Hrgovic routinely hit. In the last minute of the first round, after landing a number of rabbit shots on the bent over Molina’s head, the Drummer Boy went down.

Although the underdog went down, referee Ian John Lewis did not rule it a knockdown. Molina grimaced and pawed at the back of his like a seasoned WWE wrestler. After making it to his feet the Drummer Boy beat the bell and made it to the second round.

For a very brief moment Molina enjoyed a bit of offensive success in the form of a wild over hand right. The beleaguered Texan was able to land and number of the hard shots on a seemingly confused Hrgovic.

The good times did not last. After being belted in the body a few times, Molina’s offense shriveled up like snail on a hotplate.

Along with drying up his assault, one choice left hook to the gut put Molina down to one knee. Once again he beat the count. The Drummer Boy’s durability failed him in the third.

Caught bent over like a mechanic studying an engine Molina got clipped in the back of the head yet again. This time when he went down referee Lewis ruled it a knock down and counted Molina out.

Prior to this bout, Hrgovic claimed he wanted to get the bigger challenges from here on out. At 10-0 with 8 knockouts, the Croatian prospect has called out title contender Dereck Chisora as well as former champions Alexander Povetkin and Joseph Parker.

Let’s see who his promoter Eddie Hearn sets him up with next!

By: Bakari Simpson

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