Devin Haney To Oscar De La Hoya: “How About We Make A Fight?”

Devin Haney challenges Oscar De La Hoya to a fight!

WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney in his ring corner, Oscar De La Hoya in training
Devin Haney (left), Oscar De La Hoya

Devin Haney challenges Oscar De La Hoya to a fight!

One of the best aspects about having a rivalry in boxing is the two principles can settle their animosity in person and with force. So long as the fighters can find a common weight, they are free to sock one another in the face. Well it looks like this is an option that WBC lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (26-0, 15 KO’s) is trying to utilize. Yet, instead of the usual suspects, Haney has placed his cross-hairs on boxing promoter Oscar “The Golden Boy” De La Hoya (39-6, 30 KO’s).

Devin Haney calls out Oscar De La Hoya
Devin Haney calls out Oscar De La Hoya

Traditionally the two have been industry adversaries for some time. Haney has always been linked with Matchroom Boxing and DAZN whereas De La Hoya was obviously backing his own Golden Boy Promotions. For quite some time, The Dream has pursued a dustup with Golden Boy fighter Ryan Garcia. Sadly for Haney, this has been a bout that he has not been able to make a reality.

More recently, Haney has been fruitless in staging a bout with Joseph Diaz as well. Not only is Diaz also a Golden Boy fighter, he is the mandatory challenger for Haney’s strap. Instead of chasing a fight with the champion however, Diaz is oddly going after his beltless stablemate Ryan Garcia. Amidst the various back and forth exchanges that Haney has had with both fighters on social media, De La Hoya has certainly added his fair share to the equation.


Well it would appear that Haney has gotten his fill of it and would like to sock the former world champion in the mouth. On the one hand, the notion is not all that far-fetched. De La Hoya was just about to stage a ring return after a thirteen year hiatus. The only reason that he did not go to battle with Vitor Belfort is because he contracted COVID-19 and was forced to withdraw from the contest. Therefore, it is fairly reasonable to think that Haney and the Golden Boy might mix it up in the squared-circle.

Assuming that both parties were interested in bringing the bout to life, the last glaring obstacle would be weight. Presently, the Dream is a champion in the 135-pound division while De La Hoya was looking to come back at 180-pounds. With this overwhelming difference in weight, it’s hard to believe that there will be a catchweight favorable to both men. In the end though, crazier things have happened. So let’s just wait and see if this is just another case of Twitter fingers or is a new oddball fight beginning its birthing process. In either case 3kingsboxing will be here to report the news.

By: Bakari Simpson

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