Floyd Mayweather Wins Ridiculous Bout; Manny Pacquiao Next?

After a Ridiculous Fight, What is Next For the Unpredictable Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather KO Tenshin Nasukawa and Manny Pacquiao
Rumor has it Floyd Mayweather will target a Manny Pacquiao rematch if the Filipino legend defeats Adrien Broner!

Floyd Mayweather stops Japanese kickboxer in a gross boxing mismatch

The fight is on!
The fight is off!
The fight is back on!

After refuting claims of this fight happening post holding a press conference to promote the bout, Floyd Mayweather went through with his initial intentions in facing Tenshin Nasukawa in a custom rules bout.

A Gross Mismatch

No kicking, no grappling, no use of elbows, so on and so fourth, limited the natural kick-boxer to fighting a boxing match with one of the greatest to ever do it! Even at 41 years-old, his experience was going to be too much for a kid who’s age (20) is less than the length of Mayweather’s career (21).

From the opening bell, Nasukawa looked completely over-matched. The much bigger 41 year-old imposed his will, fighting a different fight than fans are accustomed to seeing.

Understand that Nasukawa is a natural bantamweight (122 pounds in MMA) while as Mayweather campaigned at 154 pounds for his last fight with Conor McGregor. Therefore, with a natural thirty-plus pound advantage, the future hall of fame fighter mauled his younger opponent.

A short right hook in a small exchange dropped Nasukawa. After managing to recover, a short left hook had him stumbling across the ring. The kick-boxer rose, but his corner had seen enough.

As Mayweather celebrated in his corner, the camera caught a shot of the 20 year-old emotionally distraught in his.

With this, the boxing legend picks up his first MMA win and apparently a $9 million dollar purse. Although this boxing match registers as an MMA bout, there is no word if Mayweather intends to continue his MMA career.

And Then Theres…

A rematch on the horizon! Remember in September when Mayweather and eight division champion Manny Pacquiao traded words in a Japanese night club? As a result, the retired boxer took to social media claiming the rematch will happen.

Pacquiao is scheduled to face Adrien Broner January 19. It is popular opinion that if he wins, the rematch will happen in May!

Was this just a slight tune-up for Mayweather in conjunction with a quick money grab to prepare for May? Or maybe he got the huge payday he was looking for after the McGregor fight so there will be no need for a Pacquiao rematch.

We will have to wait and see what the unpredictable Mayweather does next!

By: EJ Williams

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