Keyshawn Davis: “I Will Not Stop Doing Something That Is Legal!”

Keyshawn Davis Seeks Support in Changing Marijuana Rules

Keyshawn Davis becomes an advocate use of "Mary Jane"
Keyshawn Davis becomes an advocate use of "Mary Jane"

Keyshawn Davis Refuses to Back Down on Using Mary Jane

As 3Kings Boxing recently reported, lightweight fighter Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis (9-0, 6 KO’s) was recently flagged for marijuana use. As a punishment, his last victory over Nahir Albright was overturned to a no contest, he was suspended for 90 days and his upcoming bout with Jose Pedraza was scrapped. While Davis has accepted his reprimand, he was very vocal about how he felt that there was no wrong-doing committed.

The Businessman is correct in stating that marijuana is currently being used across the nation for medical and recreational purposes. Not only this, the push for pure recreational use is also sweeping the country. This initiative has even affected professional sports. For example, the UFC no longer bans its athletes from indulging in cannabis use. Aside from its ever expanded appeal in the US, one would be hard-pressed to explain how marijuana is a performance enhancer inside the squared-circle.


Due to his firm beliefs on the matter, Davis has vowed to continue his use. While not an athlete, his promoter, Top Rank Promotions head Bob Arum, is also a well-known lover of marijuana. Over the past ten years, Arum has openly discussed his personal enjoyment and regular use of marijuana. Arum has even said he’d never condemn a boxer for smoking a joint well ahead of an impending prizefight.

Taking the present trend of growing acceptance of the medical and recreational use of marijuana into account, now would be a excellent time for Top Rank to become a more formal advocate in the sport. There is no indication that the powerhouse company will put in any real effort into the matter. However, they could use this opportunity to try to get boxing to follow suit with the UFC in taking marijuana off the banned substances list. Time will tell.

It will also be revealing to see if The Businessman’s use of marijuana will affect his career in the future. We’ll have to see if Davis can continue indulging without being excluded from competing in additional contests. Thankfully, no matter what happens in Davis’s career, or how the regulating powers in the sport potentially alter their treatment of marijuana, 3Kings Boxing will be here to keep you plugged in with the latest developments.

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