Jose Valenzuela Pulverizes Colbert For 2023 Knockout Of The Year

Jose Valenzuela Claims Vengeance with 2023 Knockout Honors!

Jose Valenzuela stops Chris Colbert to win 2023 Knockout of the Year
Jose Valenzuela stops Chris Colbert to win 2023 Knockout of the Year | credit: Ryan Hafey/Amanda Westcott

Jose Valenzuela Snuffs Colbert To Snatch Knockout of the Year

To close the year with a bang, lightweight boxer Jose “Rayo” Valenzuela (13-2, 9 KO’s) slipped through the ropes with brutal revenge on his mind. Valenzuela would exit the ring only after he all but flatlined Chris “Primetime” Colbert (17-2, 6 KO’s) and earned the 3Kings Boxing 2023 Knockout of the Year.

Earlier that year, on March 25, Rayo collided with Colbert under the hot lights of the MGM Grand. Valenzuela was coming off a stunning third round knockout loss to #4 (WBA), #8 (WBC) and #11 (WBO) ranked bruiser Edwin De Los Santos, in a duel where both men hit the deck. In versus Colbert however, Valenzuela both hurt and dropped Primetime in the opening round. It appeared that a thrilling victory was in progress, yet Colbert would not be denied so simply.

To his credit, after scraping himself off the canvas, Colbert composed himself before using nifty footwork, fast knuckles and intelligent aggression to regain equilibrium in the violent squabble. Those efforts earned Colbert a fiercely questioned unanimous decision win to the tune of 95-94 three times.


Almost eerily so, their rematch nine months later played out remarkably similar to the original. Valenzuela came out and hurt Primetime badly in the first, only to have Colbert battle back and somewhat neutralize the battle. Yet, this time around, Rayo’s power continued to really bother and buzz Primetime. Throughout the contest, the audience marveled at the power shots like some Smurfs at some fireworks.

The heavy hands culminated one final lethal left hook that melted Colbert up in the sixth. Yet, not only was the shot picture perfect, Primetime slid down the ropes like a smashed Wile E. Coyote oozing down a mountainside. Once on the canvas, the proud Brooklyn fighter hung by his neck off the bottom rope, brutalized and motionless. In such a pitiful state, referee Joel Scoobie swiftly waved the duel off.

This fight had a bit of everything that a fight fan could want, including: two talented guys with bad blood, back and forth action, tremendous heart, boxing IQ and of course, the sensational knockout. This, combined with the pure optics of the calamitous sixth round knockout, is what earned Valenzuela the honors of celebration.

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