Amanda Serrano Injury Cancelled Meinke Fight; Gonzalez Retains WBO Title

Amanda Serrano Forced To Cancel Unified Bout In Puerto Rico!

Amanda Serrano Cries After Cancelled Fight Jonathan Gonzalez Holds Up WBO Title
Amanda Serrano cries after cancelled fight and Jonathan Gonzalez celebrates victory.

Amanda Serrano Fight Cancelled Before Main Event! Gonzalez Escapes With A Victory!

Amanda Serrano’s unified featherweight bout with Nina Meinke was cancelled due to an eye injury to the champion.

Doctor’s did not clear before main event time for due to a chemical substance affecting her cornea days prior. There is no timetable for her return, but Meinke stated she is ready to make the fight happen when Serrano is ready.

Fans in attendance are expected to be refunded 100% of their money.

MVP Statement Serrano Fight Cancelled
MVP statement on why Amanda Serrano vs Nina Meinke fight gets cancelled.
Amanda Serrano Twitter Statement Cancelled Fight
Amanda Serrano sends a message to fans on cancelled fight.


WBO light flyweight champ Jonathan “Bomba” Gonzalez (29-3-1, 14KO) took on interim champ Rene “Chulo” Santiago (12-4, 9KO) for the third defense of his title. The big story here is a pending unification with the “big-fish” of the division, Kenshiro Teraji looming for Gonzalez.

This fight was an extremely tactical one as both fighters were familiar with each other from many previous sparring sessions. Santiago started off fast and gave the champion all he could handle. His footwork was exceptional and he judged distance well behind combination punching to thwart the pressure from Gonzalez. The champ paid early dividends to the body to cash in on the challenger slowing down in the latter rounds.

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Gonzalez is known for his bully-like style of walking opponents down with high volume. However, the footwork from Chulo allowed him to control Bomba. As the orthodox fighter, he kept his foot on the outside of the southpaw with allowed him to utilize angles at will. He also made sure to be first and did not wait for Gonzalez to start the action. However, Santiago eventually slowed down from the bodywork in the second half of the fight. Bomba in return, picked up his pace as his opponent was more stationary. The tide would turn in favor of Gonzalez during the championship rounds.

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This was a close one as it was a bout of “two-halves”. The judges felt the aggression from the champion was enough to keep his title. The scorecards read 116-112, 115-113 and 117-111. 3kings Boxing had it 115-113 for Santiago. Afterwards, Gonzalez spoke about having trouble making the light flyweight limit and any future unifications there are in question.

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