An Inside Look At High-Tech With Lomachenko

Who is the phenomenon known as Vasiliy Lomachenko

“Are you the number one pound for pound fighter on the planet?” That’s the question that was asked of consensual top 2 to 3 P4P entrant Vasiliy Lomachenko. His answer may surprise most but to know the man Vasiliy Lomachenko, is to know he is straight forward and steadfast in his beliefs.

“No, I don’t feel I am pound for pound number one. I think to be the best there can’t be no questions and right now I have questions myself.” said Lomachenko when asked.

Initial thought for most is that he was just being modest. Nothing could be further from the truth, while he is a humble man he also has the utmost confidence in himself. Ask him if he feels he will be the best fighter in the world at some point and that answer is;

“Yes, absolutely. My team, my father have a plan, a strategy, to be the best. That’s what we are wanting.”

To ask me, a boxing journalist, to explain the man that is Lomachenko, is akin to asking a Popular Science writer to truly understand Stephen Hawking. While we both know are chosen profession very well we could never comprehend the thought process they possess.

What makes the Ukrainian superstar tick, what’s his ultimate goal?

“Simple, to be the very best boxer in the world.”

In some pundits eyes he’s already there but he himself feels he still has a lot more to do. He believes that to be the best you have to beat the best, plain and simple. When asked who he felt the opponent was that could cement his status as the best boxer on the planet;

“Easy, Mikey Garcia. He is the guy and he is a good fighter, a very good thinker, a very good fighter. He champion and I champion. I want to unificate (unify) all the belts. I want to fight every champion but I know Mikey is hardest fight.”

He’ll get no argument from fans on that opinion. In fact, it’s arguably one of the most talked about fights among die-hard boxing enthusiasts. However, he doesn’t believe that fight will happen next.

“After injury, maybe I take an easy fight then I’m ready. Maybe Beltran or another champion in December, then Mikey.”

Not often you hear a guy call another champion an “easier” fight but it’s not often we get talent like Vasiliy Lomachenko either.

Lomachenko is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and arguably the greatest amateur boxer of all-time as well as being a three division world champion in just twelve professional bouts. He is quick to credit the man he believes is responsible for his success, his father Anatoly Lomachenko.

“I wouldn’t be here without my father. It was his vision, his plan, method that made me champion, made Olympic champion.”

The elder Lomachenko, who won the 2017 Boxing Writer’s Association of America Trainer of the Year award, has been his son’s only trainer since he started boxing. He is the brains behind what some call the most unique training regiment they’ve ever seen. To watch a Lomachenko training session is like watching Mr Miyagi train “Danielsan”. While all the normal stuff such as sparring, mitt work, jumping rope and others is included, a lot of what I akin to “wax on, wax off” is there to.

A huge part of Lomachenko’s training is mental. They use flashboards, memory and anticipation exercises along with others. He also has a full-time mental coach on his team. While it may be different, it damn sure seems to work for the man called “High-Tech”, but so did the “crane kick” for Danielsan after washing cars and painting fences…

Part 2 coming soon.

By: Chris Henderson