Anderson On Boxing Priorities: “To Make A Lot Of Money; Not Titles Or Recognition”

Jared Anderson Not Looking to Leave a Legacy

Jared Anderson prioritizing money over legacy
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Jared Anderson Pursuing Money Over Legacy in his Boxing Career

There’s been a running debate about what should be at the forefront of a fighter’s motivation: legacy, or money? For rising heavyweight contender Jared “Big Baby” Anderson (14-0, 14 KO’s), his sole focus seems to be on the almighty dollar.


On July 1, the 23-year-old fights in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio against former IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin (29-3-1, 26 KOs). Speaking to Sports Illustrated about his upcoming fight, Big Baby talked about what fuels him. While many fighters throughout the life of the sport have craved for their names to shine in bright lights and go down in history as a formidable champion, this could not be further from the truth, in Anderson’s case.

“To make a lot of money . . . My passion is through boxing and boxing alone, not through any of the titles or recognition that you get from winning that stuff, that people claim to think that you’re the best or put you in the Hall of Fame. People have passions for that. I personally don’t. So, it all depends on your passion.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a fighter that many present-day boxers look up to. He called himself “Money” and was not shy about how much finances meant to him. But he also fought and beat the best, and in 2022 was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. If there is someone who struck the perfect balance between legacy and financial rewards, he is that fighter.

It was an honest assessment from the Ohio native who previously made waves for saying that he wants to hang up the gloves and retire by age 27. Is it wise for Big Baby to have this attitude at this point in his career?

Many old-school boxing enthusiasts would say that the chase for money is wrongheaded and misguided. However, younger boxing fans cite the history of fighters being financially exploited to argue for Anderson’s position. Their take says it’s business-savvy and in their right to have a pure focus on getting all the money they can. After all, they are repeatedly putting their lives on the line. At the least, they can be paid handsomely.

Whatever side of the argument that you fall, it’s a hot topic that will continue to be discussed and debated.

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