Andre Rozier: “Shane Mosley Jr Is a Good Test For Daniel Jacobs!”

Andre Rozier likes Daniel Jacobs chances against Shane Mosley Jr

Trainer Andre Rozier is hoping to get the old Daniel Jacobs back against Shane Mosley Jr
Andre Rozier is looking to return Daniel Jacobs back to form against Shane Mosley Jr. (Credit: Golden Boy, Cris Esqueda/)

Andre Rozier Believes In Daniel Jacobs Against Shane Mosley Jr

Following an in-ring absence of roughly two and a half years, super middleweight fighter Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs (37-4, 30 KO’s) is heading back to action. In that first duel, he will take on the feisty competitor Shane Mosley Jr (21-4, 12 KO’s). Yet, if his chief second, Andre Rozier, has anything to say about it, this is merely a quick stop before much more meaningful fights.

“I’m getting Danny ready now for the Shane Mosely [Jr] bout and I just want to get him back to where he is comfortable and then I’m going to turn him up and we are going to see some of that old Daniel Jacobs! The ferocity, the aggressiveness, the incredible punching power, we are going all the way forward! […] I think it’s a great moment for Danny, it’s a really good test and it should get him ready for major contention.”


For better or worse, this duel with Mosley Jr will be an excellent litmus test for The Miracle Man. To begin, while Jacobs has fought the better competition over all, as mentioned, he’s been idle for a significant period of time and is coming off a narrow February 12, 2022 split decision loss to John Ryder. In Mosley Jr, The Miracle Man will be provided a slightly younger and far more active opponent.

Yet, while it’s true that Mosley Jr is more active his level of competition certainly leaves the desire for more. As a result, just like the returning Jacobs, Mosley Jr is not housed in the top 15 rankings of any of the four major sanctioning bodies standings. For this reason, a loss for either man is likely to carry an extremely negative impact on their careers moving forward. So, let’s see what these two combatants can get cooking come fight night!

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