Andre Ward Responds to Criticism

Andre Ward
Andre Ward

Andre Ward responds to criticism over Wilder-Fury comments

Former unified light heavyweight champion Andre Ward addresses the criticism about comments pertaining to the Wilder-Fury fight.

Recently the former #1 P4P fighter came under scrutiny for a tweet made about Deontay Wilder.

Ward Tweet About Wilder

The tweet went viral and was under heavy attack by fans.

Ward made it clear that if you check his track record its never been about hating on a fighter. The tweet was left open for interpretation to which the benefit of the doubt should have been given.

Even clarifying that when stated “Wilder may not want to go through this again” meaning Fury’s style was bad for the WBC champion. Additionally, explaining he understands the fight being draw but felt Fury won by one or two rounds.

Ward admits the champion could make the necessary adjustments for the rematch and win, proving him wrong.

Ward quotes

“First and foremost I’m a man before a broadcaster or anything else and I’m going to speak my mind period! No matter who you are.

“But if you know me than you know I’ve always been pro fighter. I’ve never been anti-fighter. I’ve never hated on any fighter. Check my track record, it’s not in me to do.”

It’s worth noting that Wilder and Fury have made it clear they want a rematch. The WBC fully supports this recently adding they have no problem with sanctioning the second bout.

By: Garrisson Bland

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