Arum: “I Think That Crawford Is a Better Wrestler Than McGregor”

Bob Arum Adamant that Crawford Beats McGregor in the Cage

(left to right) Bob Arum, Terence Crawford, Conor McGregor
(left to right) Bob Arum, Terence Crawford, Conor McGregor

Bob Arum Adamant that Crawford Beats McGregor in the Cage

Ever since MMA burst into the world of combat sports, it has endlessly been compared to boxing and vice versa. As could only be expected, boxing aficionados have largely snubbed mixed martial arts, while the MMA crowd loudly proclaim cage fighting to be the superior fighting sport.

For the better part of it, more boxers have crossed the street to try their hand in the octagon than MMA fighters have come to the squared-circle. James Toney, Ray Mercer and wild man Ricardo Mayorga all spring to mind. Although, when they traveled to the cage, they met quick, grisly and often times embarrassing defeat in the unfamiliar territory.

Recently, female boxers Heather Hardy, Amanda Serrano and most notably Holly Holm have matriculated into the world of cage fighting and enjoyed some success. Holm had the greatest moment of all when she violently dethroned, and simultaneously declawed, the then-megastar Rhonda Rousey.


On the flip-side, the most prestigious MMA fighter to try their luck in the boxing ring was “Notorious” Conor McGregor, who famously fought boxing icon Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Although he did far better than most thought he would, McGregor was stopped in round 10 of their exciting dust-up. Despite fans and McGregor calling for a rematch, it’s highly unlikely that Money will indulge in another battle with the Notorious one.

While it’s acutely dubious to think that McGregor will get a shot at Mayweather, Top Rank founder Bob Arum is now trying to arrange for his fighter, WBO world welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford, to face McGregor. And if given his way, Bud would face the Notorious one in the cage and the ring, with the first fight taking place in the cage.

Naturally, boxing heads feel like this is a horrible idea and tantamount to career suicide. The veteran promoter does not share in this sentiment. The main item that keeps his confidence buoyed is the fact that Crawford himself comes from a wrestling background.


Its common knowledge that if a new comer to the cage could only be truly proficient in one area to have some success, it would be wrestling. This is why Arum is so confident as to even offer sending one of his premiere athletes to such a dangerous battleground. While conducting an interview with AB Boxing News, Arum went more in depth regarding his feelings on the matter.

“And to Conor McGregor to say, you know let him fight this fighter, let him fight that fighter, but only in boxing because he is a good athlete, Conor McGregor. But he is not a boxer, he is a mixed martial arts guy. So I’m saying ‘okay’ let’s test it out. Terence Crawford will do McGregor in the octagon and then three months later they can do it in the boxing ring…the octagon would be first because I don’t want them to think we are playing around!

Let the octagon be first because Terence Crawford is a really tough dude who has a wrestling background. So it’s not like a guy who’s like Mayweather who’s just a great boxer and would be lost pretty much in the octagon. Crawford would not be lost in the octagon because he comes from a wrestling background, who I think is a world class wrestler. So let’s see, let them take the challenge, I think it would be massive.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Crawford pins McGregor in a MMA fight, I really mean that! I think that Crawford is a better wrestler than McGregor is…yeah, we got a blueprint! Talk to Bomac, Bomac got it all figured out.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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