Albert Bell: “I’ve Accepted A Fight With Jamel Herring, Now I’m Waiting”

Albert Bell Takes The Jamel Herring Challenge!

Albert Bell (left), Jamel Herring
Albert Bell (left), Jamel Herring

Albert Bell Verbally Agrees to Jamel Herring Fight

As many signs continue to point to the imminent resumption of boxing matches, the question quickly is turning to who is up first? One fighter that is definitely prepped and ready to get back to action is junior lightweight contender “Prince” Albert Bell (16-0, 5 KO’s). Luckily for him, Bell seems to be on the edge of one very beneficial in-house bout being put together.

In a recent interview conducted with ThaBoxingVoice, Bell revealed how he had been contacted about a potential prizefight with fellow Top Rank stablemate and WBO world junior lightweight champion Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring (21-2, 10 KO’s).

In fact, not only did the Toledo, Ohio native state that interested parties had reached out to him, Bell insisted that he had already verbally agreed to stage the fight. Although, despite doing his part to make the bout, Bell admitted that he was still waiting on Team Herring to verify that the match was officially a done deal.

“Yeah, I am definitely one of the potential names in line, but I got the call for the opportunity last Thursday I believe. I agreed to it immediately, they said that it was on them now. They might offer him a couple other names and whatnot but I’m not really sure. I did my part and accepted it, so we are just waiting to hear what’s up with that, you know?”


Provided he does get the nod, and is officially named as Herring’s next opponent, this will mark Bell’s first shot at a world title. Now that he is teetering on the edge of achieving a lifelong goal, Prince made no attempt to downplay how big a deal a title fight would be for him and his family.

“It’s definitely an anxious feeling, it’s like standing on pins and needles you know, because that’s huge news for me! I mean to tell my family and friends and people that I got a world title shot! But I can’t say it just yet because I don’t know.”

“So all I can do is prepare myself and keep praying on a blessing that it comes and just keep going. If it doesn’t happen now, you know it is what it is. I’m going to keep sticking [to] the course and stepping with one fight at a time and doing what I got to do. That’s all I can do is do what Albert Bell can do.”

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By: Bakari Simpson

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