Nigel Benn Returns November 23!

Nigel Benn’s Returning November 23 Against Sakio Bika!

Nigel Benn (left), Sakio Bika
Nigel Benn (left), Sakio Bika

Nigel Benn Returning November 23 Against Sakio Bika!

The last time we saw Nigel Benn in the ring, he retired after the sixth round during his rematch against Steve Collins on November 9, 1996 a defeated and broken fighter. Now, in a stunning development, the 55-year old former two division world champion is making a comeback to the ring.

On September 6, the former WBO Middleweight and WBC Super Middleweight champion announced on Instagram that “I’m back”. Now, according to UK’s The Daily Mail and The Sun, Benn’s comeback fight will take place on November 23. He will face off against former WBC Super Middleweight champion Sakio Bika in Birmingham, England.

At age 40, Bika is fifteen years younger than the British boxing legend. Bika’s last ring appearance was October 2017 in a victory against Geard Ajotevic by 12-round unanimous decision.


For years, Benn has hinted at making a comeback. In 2015, negotiations took place with rival Chris Eubank, but those negotiations eventually fell through. More surprising than his return is that his match against Bika will be a 12-round contest. Benn, who currently lives in Australia, plans to travel back to his native England to announce the fight next week. The bout will take place in the light heavyweight division.

Benn has taken to calling himself the real life Benjamin Button, as he’s kept himself in terrific shape during his retirement and regularly features video posts on his Instagram working out.

Nigel Benn working out
Nigel Benn working out

Nigel Benn for years has said that within himself, he has desired one more fight to get that feeling to fight out of his system. After years of talking, it looks like in November he will finally get the opportunity to scratch that long running itch to box one more time, to the amazement of us all.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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