Berto On Injury: “I Threw a Left Hook and I Felt a Squeeze and a Pop!”

Andre Berto Re-Injures Bicep

Andre Berto
Andre Berto

Andre Berto pulls out of Miguel Cruz fight with an injury.

Former WBC and IBF welterweight champion Andre Berto (32-5, 24KOs) has sustained a torn bicep in his final day of training for Miguel Cruz (18-1,12KOs). The fight was originally scheduled for this Saturday, August 3.

This is the second time Berto has sustained this injury. He previously tore the same bicep in 2010, forcing him to cancel his rematch with Victor Ortiz. The former champ had the following to say regarding his injury.

“Saturday was the last day of sparring and I was trying to finish and keep going strong.

“I threw a left hook and I felt a squeeze and a pop. I started yelling and cursing, because I knew what happened. I’ve had injuries before. Even though it was bad, I thought it was something that I could get a cortisone shot and fight with.

“But the MRI showed that the tendon was torn from the bone and I need surgery as soon as possible.”

With the injury happening so close to the fight, there most likely won’t be a replacement opponent found in time. As for Andre Berto, we at wish him a speedy recovery.

By: Corey Cunningham

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