Bill Haney: “Floyd Wouldn’t Fight Crawford; He is Hard To Handle”

Bill Haney Passes Scrutiny Over Floyd Mayweather

Bill Haney says Terence Crawford is an underrated fighter of the Floyd Mayweather era
Bill Haney says Floyd Mayweather (Getty) would avoid Terence Crawford (Al Bello/Getty Images)

Bill Haney Believes a Prime Mayweather Would Avoid Crawford

Trainer Bill Haney continues to take every opportunity to go after Hall of Fame Inductee Floyd “Money” Mayweather. In his recent attack, he claimed that unified welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (40-0, 31KO) would beat Mayweather in a prime versus prime scenario.

The elder Haney feels a little betrayed by Mayweather because of the long history they have shared over the years. It explains why he was visibly upset when accusing the Hall of Famer of wanting to see his son, WBC junior welterweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney, lose to “King Ry” Ryan Garcia.


It brings us to his recent comment while speaking to FightHype, about Crawford versus Mayweather.

“Floyd wouldn’t fight Crawford. Crawford is hard to handle.”

When asked for his thoughts on if a prime Bud could beat a prime Money Mayweather, replied:

“Absolutely, right now. Let me tell you, what Crawford is, is a complete fighter. He’s a killer, he’s a technician, and he’s the most underrated fighter in his era because he lived in the Floyd Mayweather era. So, he didn’t have the Bud Crawford era to himself.”

Bill Haney

In this author’s opinion, Money Mayweather would have fought Bud if they were to have crossed paths. The elder Haney does have somewhat of a valid point, but is stretching it a little in this situation. Mayweather’s last official boxing match was in 2017. Yet, he has been doing exhibitions here and there, which have kept his name relevant.


Meanwhile, Crawford has flourished, winning titles in three divisions, and achieved an incredible feat by becoming a two-division undisputed champion. The debut of who-beats-who in a prime versus prime situation has sparked heated discussion within the boxing community.

There is no doubt that the father of the WBC junior welterweight champion is using Mayweather’s help to Garcia as extra motivation. The two arch-rivals have a history that goes back to their amateurs days and will finally meet in the ring on April 20.

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