Boxing News: Longtime Cutman Rafael Garcia Passes Away

Mayweather Cutman Rafael Garcia Passes Away


According to sources longtime cutman, cornerman for Floyd Mayweather passed away this earlier today at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Garcia had over six decades of experience in boxing and some 35 world champions on his resume but he is perhaps best known as Mayweather’s hand specialist.


Garcia’s business card may have said cutman-boxing consultant but his best worked lied in what he could do to protect a fighter’s hands. He is considered responsible for helping save Mayweather’s career after he began to have serious hand issues. Mayweather once famously said;


“My hands were bothering me; I finally had to find the best wrapper out there. And that is Rafael Garcia. I won’t let anyone else touch my hands”


To which Garcia replied;“Those are very important hands. In those hands are millions of dollars. Millions and millions of dollars. I have to take care of that.”


The list of champions he worked with reads like a who’s who of boxing from Mayweather, Roberto Duran, Alexis Arguello, Wilfredo Gomez and many more. Garcia was 88 years old.


By: Chris Henderson