Castano: “Jermell Charlo Loves To Talk Shit Because He’s A Shitty Person”

Brian Castano Expects a Fire Fight with Charlo

Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano in the ring
Jermell Charlo (L), Brian Castano | Credit: Sean Michael Ham/Mayweather Promotions, Esther Lin/Showtime

Brian Castano Looking to Take Out Jermell Charlo by Knockout!

One of the best fights of 2021 took place in July of that year when unified junior middleweight champ Jermell Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KOs) and WBO belt-holder Brian Castano (17-0-2,12 KOs) stepped in the ring to fight for undisputed honors. After twelve hard-fought rounds of heated back-and-forth action, *the fight ended up in a draw.

During that battle, Castano was able to pressure the taller and longer-limbed Charlo, reworking his way inside and landing with hooks to the body and head. Castano was rocked on a couple of occasions but fought back hard and had Charlo on the back foot all night long.

The two warriors will fight a rematch on May 14 at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. Castano was largely unknown to the masses before their first fight. His performance against Charlo last July was a surprise to many fans. During an interview with Ring Magazine, the WBO champ talked about how life has changed from then to now.


(Translate from Spanish) “The (first) fight against Charlo was seen by a lot of people, and a lot of them asked themselves ‘yo, who’s this guy?’ Many people started watching my old fights after my first bout with Charlo and started following me and sending me messages from all over the world, especially Mexicans and Latinos in general.

I know I will have part of the live audience on my side, the Argentine fans and Latinos in general. I expect a good turnout. It is great because it is a plus to have your people rally around you and cheer for you on that night and especially fighting abroad. I am very happy about that.”

This upcoming rematch has not come without its trials and tribulations. It was supposed to happen on March 19, but Castano withdrew after suffering a right bicep injury during training. Charlo claimed the injury was fake and accused Castano of taking illegal substances. The 32-year-old from Buenos Aires, Argentina didn’t mince any words in expressing his outrage over what he called false and baseless allegations.


“You try to do your best, and to have your rival say that you’re taking time off to flush out the drugs out your system is a clear indication of the kind of person Charlo is. He loves to talk shit, and that’s because he is a shitty person.”

After a hard camp and now injury-free, the WBO champ says this time around, he’s visualized the fight in his head. He intends to raise the bar and leave everything in the ring on fight night. The belief this time around is Charlo will not make it to the final bell.


“I see myself landing the hardest blows and knocking him out, and having my hand raised. Those are things you have to envision and be ready for. I am ready for that, but you have to be ready to lose or draw as well.

This is a tough fight, and in a heartbeat, you can end up on the floor. That’s why I have my mindset on a victory, with all my preparation and my desire. But I know this is a flip-coin of a fight, and anyone can wind up on the canvas. I just imagine myself winning it. I hope it is within the distance.”

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By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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