Brian Mendoza: “I’m Not A Trash Talker But I Am Definitely A Killer!”

La Bala Intends to be Friendly with All But One Australian

Brian Mendoza confident ahead of showdown with super welterweight champion Tim Tszyu
Brian Mendoza confident ahead of showdown with super welterweight champion Tim Tszyu | credit: Getty

Brian Mendoza Heading Confidently into Enemy Territory

In the sport of boxing, it’s hard enough to thoroughly prepare for the physical rigors of the ring provided on fight night. This tall task is notably amplified when a fighter finds themselves traveling to enemy territory to face their opponent in their own backyard. Nevertheless, this is exactly the ordeal that super welterweight boxer Brian “La Bala” Mendoza (22-2, 16 KO’s) has undertaken. As a result, Mendoza will clash with Interim WBO super welterweight champion Tim “The Soul Taker” Tszyu (23-0, 17 KO’s) on October 15 in Australia.

Despite being fully prepared to deal with the ire of the crowd and general public, Mendoza has been very surprised by the genuinely warm welcome that he’s received since arriving in Tsyzu’s homeland.

“I can’t lie, I am coming to enemy territory, I’m not coming to his home city or anything, his home country! And I was expecting not so much animosity, but just I am the outsider. But no, everybody has been super kind. So I am definitely going to go back home and have some good stuff to say about Australians.”


The hospitable ways of the natives has been pleasant and jives with his natural personality. While he obviously is in the hurt business, Mendoza considers himself to be a legitimate nice guy. Although, as he explained, his demeanor outside of the ring bears no weight on the monster he intends to be once caged in the ropes.

“I’m the type of person, just look at my fights, I’ve always said I want my performances to speak for me. I’m not a trash talker and I feel like people that flip the switch a little too early, and they force, it comes off corny. And I think the reason that I have been resonating with people is because I am real, I am myself. This is who you are going to see on and off camera. But on fight night, I am definitely a killer and I am there to hurt my opponent. There is no friendliness in there.”


Ranked #2 (WBO), the rough-knuckled boxer is looking to extend his current knockout streak to four versus Tszyu. La Bala was able to string those victories together following his career-second defeat at the hands of Jesus Alejandro Ramos Jr. back on September 5, 2021. In fact, Mendoza was rather lucky to still be on this current run as he was handily losing to the long-limbed Sebastian Fundora in his very last contest.

Despite the grim trajectory of the fight, La Bala was able to hurt and stop Fundora with his thunderous power in the seventh round. Now, the Mexican bruiser has the chance to gobble up the Interim WBO title and catapult his name to new heights in the sport. Yet, before Mendoza, or his fans, can get too far swept away in fleets of fancy, La Bala must first take care of business on October 15. So stay plugged into 3Kings Boxing for any and all relevant and informative news in the sport!

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