UPSET ALERT: Giovanni De Carolis Stops Daniele Scardina In 5!

De Carolis Stuns Daniele Scardina with Unexpected Stoppage!

Giovanni De Carolis at promotiona event for fight with Daniele Scardina
Giovanni De Carolis

Giovanni De Carolis Upsets Daniele Scardina!

Former WBA Regular super middleweight champion Giovanni De Carolis (31-10-1, 15KOs) scored the upset knockout victory over top-rated contender Daniele “King Toretto” Scardina (20-1, 16KOs).

Carolis is a seasoned fighter with a lot of mileage on those tires. The 37-year-old Italian is a former WBA Regular super middleweight title before losing the title to Tyron Zeuge in his first title defense back in 2016. A fifteen-year professional, De Carolis used that experience to overwhelm the younger fighter and beat him at his own game by landing hard power shots.

Scardina is one of the most boxers popular in his country, and the fans came out to see him perform in droves. He has been locked in on getting into the title picture and with a ranking of #8 IBF and #9 WBO, this was supposed to have been his time. However, he will have to go back to the drawing board after suffering a debilitating defeat.


De Carolis came out like an old dog looking to give one last hooray as he attacked Scardina with the jab while utilizing his hand speed, proving to be the better boxer. He continued to blind Scardina with the jab before landing a punishing right hand on the button.

Scardina was in trouble and barely survived the opening round. In round two, it was the same as De Carolis couldn’t miss with that right hand. He landed it along with the left hook, keeping the younger fighter on wobbly legs.

As the round came to a close, De Carolis pounded his chest while going back to the corner. Scardina would bounce back as he started to enforce his will, landing body shots and hard right hands of his own. He even landed a brutal uppercut and right hand that had De Carolis backpedaling.

Scardina was beginning to take control of the fight when a bomb went off as De Carolis landed another bone-crushing right hand followed by another right hand, left hook combination that put Scardina on the canvas in round four.

It was chaotic as the referee gave Scardina all the time in the world to recover and the bell appeared to have sounded early. Nonetheless, De Carolis stepped on the gas, landing nothing but homerun power punches that finished Scardina in the fifth round.

This was a major upset as De Carolis stunned the younger fighter and received a standing ovation from the pro-Scardina crowd in appreciation for his triumph.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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