Coach Bullet: “Rolly Is A Very Dangerous Fighter!”

Cromwell Gordon Sounds Warning to Those Underestimating Rolly

Coach Bullet Gordon stands behind Rolando Romero
Cromwell Gordon stands behind Rolando Romero | Credit: Sean Michael Ham

Coach Bullet Gordon Says the Best Rolly Romero is Yet to be Seen!

There is no question that in his next battle, the notorious Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-0, 12 KO’s) will face his steepest professional challenge to date. In the prescheduled skirmish, Romero will test his might against the popular and hard-hitting Regular WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (26-0, 24 KO’s). Throughout boxing circles there is a prevalent opinion that Rolly is rocketing toward a proper thrashing.

Of course, there are those who think that Romero’s power and potential durability will make him a worthwhile adversary. To date however, the boxing fans have never seen Rolly take devastating shots on the chin delivered by a certified and ranked bruiser. Perhaps he can, or maybe not. Either way, win or lose, most believe this is the fight where we find out what his beard really is all about.


Now, if you were to listen to Romero’s chief second, Cromwell “Bullet” Gordon, Rolly’s power is just icing on the cake. He has certainly heard the consensus that his fighters’ only hope is to be bailed out by his strength and power alone. This is a notion he finds humorous. As far as the former fighter turned trainer is concerned, Romero has a wealth of hidden talents just waiting to be displayed.

“The thing is he is mature, he is turning into a man, now he has man strength. Before, when we were knocking everybody out, it was through instinct and natural power. Now, he brings that natural power that I cannot teach. He puts that natural power together with technique and fundamentals. With his mindset and his confidence, he is a very dangerous fighter!”


Working to his advantage, Davis will enter this bout coming off a rather shaky performance versus Isaac Cruz. Instead of steamrolling the relatively uncelebrated boxer, Davis had his hands full from start to finish. Conversely, Rolly will enter the prizefight coming off a seventh round knockout of Anthony “Can You Dig It” Yigit. This stark leap in oppositional talent level is precisely why Romero, who is ranked #1 (WBA), is such a prevailing underdog.

Ironically, Romero called for Tank in his post-fight interview following the Yigit match. In the end though, that’s why they fight the fights. Rolly is a powerful guy after all. Maybe, just maybe he connects with that money punch and upsets the apple cart. Who knows? When it all boils down, we’ll just have to tune in to see if this is the true beginning or end of the Rolando Romero era.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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