Terence Crawford vs Gervonta Davis: The Social Media Beef Heats Up!

Gervonta Davis And Terence Crawford Still Going At It!

Gervonta Davis and Terence Crawford
Gervonta Davis (left) and Terence Crawford

Terence Crawford and Gervonta Davis still criticizing each other on social media!

Soon after former unified featherweight champion Yuriorkis “El Ciclon” Gamboa (30-3, 18ko) was defeated by Gervonta “Tank” Davis (23-0, 22ko), he took to social media supporting his in-ring claim of tearing his Achilles in the second round, which apparently affected the way he was able to fight.

Yuriorkis Gamboa Speaks On Injury
Yuriorkis Gamboa speaks on injury.

Now hold on because this is where the hits kept coming.

Shortly after the fight WBO welterweight champion and pound for pound boxer Terence “Bud” Crawford shared some advice to the Baltimore power puncher on twitter stating “Stay away from Vasyl Lomachenko and Devin Haney.”

Davis of course, feeling some kind of way quickly responded referencing that the former unified champion was the same guy that gave Crawford some trouble back in 2014.

So like clockwork, some fans were engaged in regurgitating this claim and giving the WBA champion high praise for beating the former Cuban champion.

Crawford once again never shy of speaking his mind, posted another sharp tweet to anybody looking to support such a claim.

Crawford Refuses To Give Davis Credit For Gamboa Win
Crawford refuses to give Davis credit for Gamboa win.

Davis wasn’t about to let the jab go unanswered, immediately punched right back with multiple tweets. (Tweet Here).

Gervonta Davis Reiterates Terence Crawford Had Trouble With Gamboa
Gervonta Davis reiterates Terence Crawford had trouble with Gamboa.


Gervonta Davis Clowns Terence Crawford Over Jose Benavidez Bout
Gervonta Davis clowns Terence Crawford over Jose Benavidez bout.

The second tweet was a bit of a reach for Davis and was probably rushed in frustration. The Benavidez he was referring to is the brother of WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez, Jose. Crawford made his first defense of the WBO welterweight title against the Phoenix, Arizona native in March of 2018.

Multiple lines are a problem with Davis’ tweet. The statement “Benavidez was shot in the leg eight times” is false. Benavidez was shot in his knee one time after a stranger approached him in a Phoenix neighborhood back in 2016.

The second statement: “[Benavidez] hadn’t been in the ring a year before the fight [with Crawford]” is also false. Benavidez actually returned to the ring two fights prior to taking on Crawford in October 2018. He stopped Matthew Strode in his first bout back from the injury in February 2018. Then followed up four months later with a first round knockout victory over the undefeated Frank Rojas!

Nevertheless regarding Gamboa, it is a well-known fact he is a shell of himself. Besides, to be honest, the Cuban’s prime years were spent in the featherweight division. Therefore, he was naturally the smaller man. Furthermore, the fact that he suffered an achilles injury in the second round, but was able to fight an extra ten before being stopped in the final round just adds fuel to the fire.

Now take nothing away from the valiant effort of Gamboa or the skills that Davis displayed. Let’s be real, he still won the fight by knockout and took only moderate damage in the process. However, if we are going to make comparisons between fighters that share a victim or make claims about a fighter’s resume, lets at least be honest!

On a side not amid all of the negativity, it should be mentioned that days prior to his fight with Gamboa, Davis offered to pay for the funeral of a young woman who was murdered in her hair salon in Baltimore by the name of Destiny Harris. This is an act of kindness that should be remembered regardless of how one may feel about this situation.

By: Garrisson Bland

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