Crawford vs Avanesyan Undercard: Cyborg Wins Boxing Debut!

Terence Crawford vs David Avanesyan Undercard Results!

Collage of Cris Cyborg, Jeremiah Milton and Arnold Khegai
Cris Cyborg | Jeremiah Milton | Arnold Khegai (Credit: Showtime Boxing).

Crawford vs Avanesyan Undercard: Cyborg, Khegai and Milton Win

CRIS CYBORG VS GABBY HOLLOWAY – Being an MMA veteran that only incorporates boxing as part of her training regiments, it was expected for Cyborg (1-0) to look amateurish in her boxing debut. Her opponent in Holloway (0-3) was hand-picked for her to look good as the co-main event on the Terence Crawford vs David Avanesyan undercard, but that didn’t materialize.

Cyborg did drop the underdog in the third round and proceeded to batter her for the full two minutes of the fourth. However, she severely lacked the fundamentals to finish her food! At 37 years old and still much involved in MMA, don’t expect Cyborg to be a serious threat to any of the top female fighters for as long as her boxing career lasts!


This was a rough fight where dirty tactics that mostly went unpunished effectively took the fight out of one combatant. Khegai repeatedly and blatantly committed fouls in the form of rabbit punching, kidney shots, leading with his head and pulling Baez’ head down. The result, Baez was hesitant to apply pressure behind the jab as the bigger man and was taken off his game-plan.

Meanwhile, Khegai was able to use his opponent’s lack of IQ to make an adjustment against him as he bullied him all around the ring. Khegai would eventually be deducted a point in round 9 after countless warnings, but the fight was all but over by then. Surprisingly, Khegai only survived by way of split-decision. Maybe the judges penalized him themselves on those scorecards!


Milton (8-0, 6KO) is a rising heavyweight prospect that isn’t getting the kind publicity as Top Rank’s Jared Anderson, although, he typically dispatches his opponents in similar fashion. However, despite his body type, Calloway (5-2, 5KO) came to fight. He established a nice jab and landed some big shots in the 5th round. Unfortunately for him, his conditioning coupled with Milton’s athleticism was his downfall. Though Calloway made it to the end and avoided being a KO victim, it was a clear decision win for Milton.

By: EJ Williams

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