Davis On Loma: “No One Is Above Me! I’m The Cash Cow! Line ‘Em Up!”

Gervonta Davis Claims He's Ready For Vasiliy Lomachenko!

Gervonta Davis and Vasiliy Lomachenko
Gervonta Davis (left) and Vasiliy Lomachenko

Gervonta Davis puts Vasiliy Lomachenko on notice! 

When Gervonta “Tank” Davis (23-0, 22 KO’s) moved up to lightweight on December 28 he meant to make his presence immediately felt in the new division. After eleven full rounds of entertaining action, Davis knocked out his game foe Yuriorkis “El Ciclon de Guantanamo” Gamboa (30-3, 18 KO’s) in the twelfth.

In doing so, he strategically took ownership the vacant WBA “regular” lightweight title.


Although he is now a WBA lightweight champion, Davis cannot truly call himself the man in the sanctioning body just yet. That is because while he does hold the “regular” title, Vasiliy “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO’s) owns the WBA “super” lightweight title. In this world over-saturated with world titles the “super” version will always trump the “regular” belt.

Obviously, this has set up a clear cut “this sanctioning body is not big enough for the two of us” type of conflict. While this is a potentially frustrating scenario for the fighters, it might be just what the doctor ordered for the fans. One of the biggest gripes that Davis’s detractors maintain is his lack of dangerous competition.

One of the main names that has been tossed around in relation to his own is Lomachenko. Now that they are literally two champions in the same division and under the same sanctioning body their facing one another seems somewhat inevitable.

As quick as the post-fight conference for his scrap with Gamboa, the questions for a Davis v Lomachenko showdown had already begun. While Davis is aware that he must deal with Hi-Tech, he already is taking offense to being called a lesser champion.

“You know, saying ‘moving closer’ to that fight makes it like he is above me. I don’t think no one is above me. I’m the cash cow. I believe so, at 135, 130. I’m selling out rings, I’m putting butts in the seats. I don’t think he’s doing that, so line em up!

“I’m a fighter. I’m willing to fight anyone. I’m ready.”


Sadly for those who want to see Lomachenko v Davis next it’s likely not to be. This is because the more logical prizefight is Lomachenko v Lopez. This captivating bout began somewhat taking realistic shape when Lopez blitzed and annihilated for IBF world lightweight champion Richard “RC” Commey (29-3, 26 KO’s).

There at ringside bearing witness to the impressive destruction was Hi-Tech. Knowing that Lopez had been calling him out for a while, when asked on camera if would face him, Loma was all but obligated to say yes.

And that’s exactly what he did do.

Aside from these political and circumstantial factors, both Lopez and Lomachenko reside under the same Top Rank banner. Whereas Davis is running The Money Team which is obviously a subsidiary of the PBC.

Top Rank has long been known for their love of contracting in-house fights. Currently, Top Rank is equally known for their crabby relationship with the PBC, so it’s just simple math that Hi-Tech v Lopez should trump Hi-Tech v Davis. Either way you cant go wrong, both are great fights!

It’ll be fun to see what comes next

By: Bakari Simpson

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