Devin Haney: “Eddy Reynoso Whole Camp Is Dirty”

Ryan Garcia responds to accusations of cheating by Devin Haney!

Eddy Reynoso with Ryan Garcia, WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney
Eddy Reynoso with Ryan Garcia (left), Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia responds to accusations of cheating by Devin Haney!

Social media exploded when ESPN dropped the news that two-divisional champion Oscar Valdez tested positive for a banned stimulant. Immediately, the perspective of some inside the boxing community pointed fingers towards Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s trainer, Eddy Reynoso, as running a dirty program. WBC lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (26-0, 15ko) is among those that feel that way. This sparked a personal back-and-forth with rival Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18ko).

As of the writing of this article, there has not been news regarding the cancelation of Valdez’s upcoming title defense against Robson Conceicao set for September 10. Furthermore, the WBC issued a statement via social media.

“There has been media diffusion of an adverse analytical finding concerning WBC World Champion Oscar Valdez. Pursuant to the WBC Clean Boxing Program Protocol, the WBC:
Is investigating the matter, appointed an inquiry committee, will hold a hearing with Oscar Valdez and his team very soon.”

“No further comment will be made, until the WBC finishes its due process.”


Okay, here is where things take an ugly turn. Haney took to social media with a serious accusation of all the fighters involved with Reynoso.

Devin Haney accuses Eddy Reynoso of running a dirty camp
Devin Haney accuses Eddy Reynoso of running a dirty camp

Of course, what followed was a lengthy back-and-forth with divisional rival Ryan Garcia, also a member of the Reynoso training team. Garcia took exception to the insinuation and went after Haney for being feather-fisted.

“Shut your mouth, accusing me of cheating. I get it you can’t punch even with 8oz gloves but don’t be accusing me of such a serious accusation.”

Wait, there is more. The WBC champion called into question his arch-rival’s unwillingness to fight him despite being a soft puncher.

“I can’t punch….but you’re in no rush to fight me.”

He is referring to when Garcia won the WBC Interim title against Luke Campbell back in January. That victory also made Garcia the mandatory challenger for Haney. Yet, Ryan Garcia instead pursued a fight with three-divisional champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis.

Garcia was not going to let that go without being answered and hit back where it hurts – in the pocket.

“They were telling me you can’t sell and people wanted their money back after falling asleep.”

Garcia is talking about the criticism The Dream gets for being a boring fighter that does enough to win but needs to be more aggressive. Fans attacked Haney hard after going the distance with a past-his-prime veteran in former champion Yuriorkis Gamboa back in 2020.

Haney would end this drama show with one final response.

Devin Haney accuses Ryan Garcia of being a duck
Devin Haney accuses Ryan Garcia of being a duck

In this author’s opinion, Haney was out of line accusing the whole team of being cheaters. Furthermore, Garcia was right to respond in defense of his name. In the age of social media, an accusation will spread fast, if unchecked.

Nonetheless, no one can blame Haney for expressing how he feels. The recent news has all the fighters in Reynoso’s training under heavy suspicion.

By: Garrisson Bland

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