Dillian Whyte Warns Tyson Fury: “I’ve Put You Down Lots Before”

Dillian Whyte Warns Tyson Fury!

Dillain Whyte and Tyson Fury
Dillain Whyte (left) and Tyson Fury

Dillian Whyte speaks on why he thinks Tyson Fury is a coward

It’s no secret that WBC interim heavyweight champion Dillian “The Body Snatcher” Whyte (27-1, 18KO) is frustrated with his status. He has been sitting atop the WBC rankings nearly three years now and has still not been mandated to fight the title holder.

Most of that time, it was the former champion Deontay Wilder (42-1-1, 41KO) who held the title Whyte felt he should get the shot at. Now, it’s former unified champion Tyson Fury (30-1-1, 21KO) who holds that opportunity around his waist. Problem is, the champ is locked into a rematch clause after defeating Wilder that he cannot ignore.

Furthermore, the next fight that will satisfy the clause (the trilogy of their saga) does not have a date set at the time of this article. Therefore, not only does Whyte foresee that he has to wait longer before he gets a shot at the WBC title, but he doesn’t really have an idea on how much longer!

Oh and by the way…Fury has apparently fixed up a lucrative deal to face unified champion Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21KO) twice in 2021 if he defeats Wilder a second time!

So now the interim champion has to wait for the trilogy to be finalized. Then he has to wait to see who wins the trilogy. Lastly, he has to wait two more fights in order to see who is going to become undisputed champion before he can get his shot?

Basically, we are talking another 365+ days before he is finally mandated!

Of course this doesn’t sit well with Whyte!


Meanwhile as he prepares to defend his title, Fury has been asked about the “elephant in the room” sitting at the #1 spot in the organization he holds the title of. Besides Fury stating that Whyte only wants a payday previously, he provides more clarity on the matter in a recent interview with IFL TV.

“I will annihilate Dillian Whyte!”

Of course the always “jovial” (sarcasm intended) interim champion had a comeback to that statement.

Dillian Whyte responds to Tyson Fury claiming he will annihilate him
Dillian Whyte responds to Tyson Fury claiming he will annihilate him.

Many around the boxing community know that when Whyte says “I’ve put you down lots before” he is referring to recurring sparring sessions the two had in the past. According to the interim champ, he repeatedly beat up and humiliated the WBC champion in several sessions!

This of course would translate into why he believes Fury will never fight him. Too much of a risk to get in the ring, with a lot of money on the line against a guy you had trouble with in sparring, right?

Some have co-signed this claim while others have dismissed it. However one has to admit, this makes a potential match-up between the two more interesting!

For now, Whyte should focus more on his upcoming bout with former WBA champion Alexander Povetkin August 22. If he passes that test, then he should move on to trying to secure the shot he deserves.

By: EJ Williams

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