Thurman: “I’m a Doctor…I Have the Prescription for Manny Pacquiao!”

Keith Thurman States He is a Doctor that Has the Prescription for Manny Pacquiao!

Keith Thurman
Keith Thurman

Keith Thurman has the ready to end Manny Pacquiao’s career!

Ahead of his July 20 showdown with Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao it’s clear that Keith “One Time” Thurman is bristling with confidence.

The two hard-hitting professional foes will meet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada to determine the fate of Thurman’s WBA super welterweight title. While his ‘super’ title is on the line, One Time has made it glaringly obvious that his mind is focused on grander goals.

Prior to his near two year exodus from the sport, Thurman was widely regarded as the man to beat to claim welterweight supremacy. Upon his return, the slick talking Floridian discovered the landscape had changed greatly.

Luckily for him, Thurman is eager to formally re-establish himself as the premiere name in the division. One Time will readily admit that his first bout back against Josesito Lopez was not his finest performance.

Perhaps it was that rocky return that led to his bout with Pacquiao.

Regardless of the how he landed the pay-per-view scrap, Thurman is anxious to make the most of it. In the pre-fight build-up, One Time has regularly stated he believes his opponent is tailor-made for him.

With this being the case, the WBA super champion foresees a dynamic showing that will more than likely end in an exciting knockout. Yet, more than adding another win to his resume, Thurman is motivated to solidify his legacy.

“I hope to expand my legacy by ending his legacy and hopefully grab more fans in the process. Boxing is a beautiful sport. Of course I have all the intentions to hurt him, but it’s truly out of respect.

“You cannot box forever. They announced him as Senator, he needs to go be a Senator.

“Like I said, I’m addicted to the sweet science. If you could have a doctors degree in boxing I’d have it, believe that, ok?!

“I’d have my doctorate, 23 years in the game, I’m a doctor, ok?! Best believe because I’m a doctor I got the prescription for Manny Pacquiao!”

Toting more than just confidence and naked bravado, Thurman is buoyed by his very accomplished past deeds in boxing.

In his estimation, being a younger, stronger and amply experienced boxer will provide him all the tools required to get his hand raised on July 20.

By: Bakari Simpson

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