Eddie Hearn: “We Gotta Step Up; When Boxing Is Wrong It’s Shit!”

Is Eddie Hearn Walking his Talk on Bettering Boxing?

Eddie Hearn wants accountability from fighters and managers
Eddie Hearn wants accountability from fighters and managers

Eddie Hearn Calls for Accountability from Fighters and Managers

There continues to be an ongoing discussion about what must happen to improve boxing. Promoter Eddie Hearn has his take on the matter, insisting fighters and managers live up to their end of the bargain for the sport to reach new heights.


The chairman of Matchroom Promotions is doing the media run for his upcoming October 21 card, featuring the junior welterweight clash between Jack Catterall and Jorge Linares. While speaking to news outlet Boxing Social, Hearn said the following:

“We gotta step up, and that’s everybody . . . What we have to our advantage is the product. When boxing gets it right, there’s nothing like it. But when boxing gets it wrong, it’s shit, and it’s irrelevant.”

“Fighters, I need a performance . . . I want a performance that backs up the hype that I’m delivering. Managers and trainers, we’re not looking to take liberties. We’re looking to make real fights. We will develop your fighters at the right pace, and give them every opportunity.

We’ll also listen to you, but believe in us. When the time is right to make that jump, we make that jump together.

Fighters, also understand, if you lose in a great fight, it’s not the end of your career. If you win in a great fight, we’re going to the moon.”

There’s an interplay between a fighter, trainer, manager, and promoter. When things are clicking on all sides, everybody wins.


But here is what Hearn is missing: Promoters have historically been about their self-interest as much as they are about the interests of their fighters. As a result, there’s constant tension and a lack of trust. Also, promoters don’t always deliver on their promises. It’s something that Hearn has been guilty of.

He is the promoter of record for reigning IBF lightweight champion Joe Cordina (16-0, 9 KOs), who has not been shy about wanting a unification match. In July 2023, Cordina went public voicing his frustration with Hearn about not giving him the big fights that he’s asking for.

Hearn’s callout seems to be righteous and more than reasonable. It’s something that many fans will applaud. But in this instance, he’s also someone who is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

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