Esparza v Estrada: A True Bad Blood Brawl

Estrada v Esparaza: A True Bad Blood Brawl

Esparza vs Estrada banner
Esparza vs Estrada banner

Estrada v Esparaza: A True Bad Blood Brawl

Well, a bad blood grudge match that has been brewing for years finally has an official fight date! On Saturday November 2, Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (17-0, 7 KO’s) will face the challenge of Marlen Esparza (7-0, 1 KO’s) in the MGM Grand located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The heated feud will appear on the high profile Kovalev vs Alvarez fight card and will air live on DAZN.

It’s funny how some rivalries have existed so long that it’s often difficult to pinpoint how they even began. This appears to be the case with the Estrada and Esparza beef. When asked who began the animosity, both will readily point to the other! Estrada is firm in her retelling that in the pro ranks, Esparza simply won’t stop bad mouthing her and this was the source of her ill-will. Yet, Esparza holds that it was Estrada and her father who began the trash talk back in their amateur days.

“Where did you debut?! No one even knew who the hell you were until like five fights ago because Golden Boy needed to sign you to fight me. Like, I think you are confused on what’s happening […] you’ve been afraid, you’re a lie. What have you done? Who have you fought?” ~Marlen Esparza

Regardless of who began initiated the cantankerous relationship, the fact of the matter is they currently don’t like one another and can’t wait to punch the other in the face. Thankfully, that time is almost at hand! For once, will they be paid for the opportunity to physically vent their frustrations. Even better, there is also the chance to acquire the interim WBA world flyweight title.


While both women are undefeated, Estrada enjoys double the professional experience and six more knockouts than does Esparza. Although, it should be mentioned that Esparza is moving at a bit faster rate professionally than did Estrada being that she only turned pro roughly two years ago. Estrada has been a pro for a bit over eight years now.

Recently, the two female fighters attempted go live, via Esparza’s Instagram account, in order to promote their upcoming prizefight. The segment proceeded smoothly for the briefest of moments before crumbling into a bitter back and forth session. While the exchange was not that long, it greatly served to highlight how acidic these women’s opinion of the other really is.

“You’re delusional, I don’t say anything. You’re the one who always has to say something about me […] your full of shit!” ~Seniesa Estrada

Come Saturday November 2, all the talk is over and there will be nothing else to do but finally figure out which of these talented women really is the top dog. Also, an interesting side note, when these two fighters do lock horns they will be fighting in a ten round bout with 3 minute periods. Generally, female boxers only fight two minute rounds, yet, along with toppling their foe the two females are looking to help evolve women’s boxing.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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