Estrada: “I’ll Be Disappointed With Myself If Villarino Goes All Ten Rounds”

Estrada Does Not Want Villarino to Hear the Final Bell!

Seniesa Estrada looks to stop Jazmin Villarino
Seniesa Estrada (L, Mikey Williams/Top Rank), Jazmin Villarino

Seniesa Estrada Looking to Destroy Jazmin Villarino!

Without question, WBA minimumweight champion Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (22-0, 9 KO’s) is one the most talented fighters in the sport today. This is whether surveying men or women. Estrada has shown real in-ring intelligence, fast hands, nimble feet, supreme switch-hitting capabilities and formidable power. Super Bad has even captured titles at minimumweight and light flyweight. Next on her hit-list stands Jazmin “La Jefa” Villarino (6-1-2, 1 KO) who she shall duel on November 12 live on ESPN+.

Unsurprisingly, let Super Bad tell the story, Villarino will not last long once sealed in the room with her. In a recent interview with Fight Hype, Estrada, 30, delved a bit deeper into her thoughts on the matter.

“I go into every fight, even if my opponent’s record isn’t my record and I know that they’re not on my level, skillfully, I still prepare as if I am going in there against a world champion. And going in there against the best, because I know that my opponent is training her ass off to just go in there and be the best that she’s ever been because she is facing someone like me! And she wants to beat me, she wants to take my belt.

That just makes me more motivated to train even harder and make sure that I go in there and show her that she is definitely not on my level…I go into every fight not thinking that I am going to get the knockout. I never go in there with that mentality, but yes, I would be disappointed in myself if I go ten rounds with Jazmin.”


Honestly speaking, these words should inject a bit of trepidation into Villarino. This is because, when last in the ring with an opponent that was not her match, Miranda Adkins, Super Bad nearly beheaded her. In fact, the first round stoppage was the quickest recorded women’s knockout in the history of the sport.

If this next match looks anything like that, then Adkins might want to make sure she has an extended walk to the ring! At the same time, underestimating and overlooking opponents is one of the most dangerous blunders that can be made in boxing. Therefore, this would be a terrible time for the virtuoso to trip up, especially when she has such lofty goals for her career. So, let’s sit back and see how Estrada takes care of business on November 12!

By: Bakari Simpson

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