Juan Francisco Estrada Stops Beamon; Expects Kal Yafai Next!

Juan Francisco Estrada is Ready for Kal Yafai!

Juan Francisco Estrada
Juan Francisco Estrada

Juan Francisco Estrada successfully retains the WBC title!

In what turned out to be a very exciting fight, champion Juan Francisco Estrada made a successful first title defense of his WBC super flyweight. Thankfully for the fans, his unlikely foe, Dewayne “Mr. Stop Running” Beamon proved to be a worthy foe.

In the first quarter of the fight, it was truly a seesaw affair. At first Beamon came out with too much moxie and aggression. Although, it was clear his power was not wilting Estrada, it was evident the champion felt and respected it.

However, when the champion landed his own power shots they had the notable impression of packing more of a wallop.

The second round was a disaster for Beamon. The period began fantastically when the challenger buzzed the Mexican champion and chilled the all Mexican crowd with a crunching hook.

However, in his eagerness to pounce on Estrada, Mr. Stop Running gets his legs tangle with his opponent’s and falls down. Despite no punches landing, he was charged a knockdown. Moments later he was legitimately knockdown down when he was caught with his hands and down and his head hanging over his feet.

The third was a mirror image of he second Beamon opens effectively, gets too greedy and buzzed at the end. With the second quarter of the fight, Mr. Stop Running begin balancing the fight.

He seemed to have finally calmed down and was not so willing to blindly charge in. Working behind a jab and using his nifty springs, Beamon was to his greater athleticism to bring the match to a stale mate.

The fifth round was one of the best in the fight for the challenger. At spots Estrada clearly did not know what to do with him and backed up for large sections.

The North Carolinian began doubling up and left hooks while pushing the Mexican back. Obviously frustrated he couldn’t dominate Beamon, the champion was reduced to theatrics. He repeatedly pressed to straps and placed his arm on the top rope inviting his aggressor in.

There was a lot of acting but not many punches being landed.

Beamon’s success continues in the sixth. At the conclusion of the round he literally walked Estrada back to his corner.

Then just as he had in the beginning ,Beamon got too greedy. When his offensive effectiveness rose, his defense mindfulness plummeted, allowing for him to get cold-cocked in the seventh.

Ultimately, he would never recover. Not that he couldn’t have, it was he refused to retreat, cover up or utilize any practical defensive measures.

As Beamon continued to get rocked, he just kept coming forward. This pattern continued until the ref stopped called it the fight in the ninth round.

With this win, Estrada is in line for a huge unification bout with the unbeaten WBA champion Kal Yafai. As of now, the agreement is conditional, however, the initial requirement to get this fight made has been satisfied!

By: Bakari Simpson

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