Chris Eubank: “Williams Talked All That Shit To Weasel Out Of The Fight”

Chris Eubank Jr trolls Liam Williams for pulling out of the fight

Middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr talks to the press, Liam Williams in the ring
Chris Eubank Jr (left), Liam Williams

Chris Eubank Jr trolls Liam Williams for pulling out of the fight

The flashy Chris “Next-Gen” Eubank Jr (31-2, 23KO) and former middleweight challenger Liam “The Machine” Williams (23-3-1,18ko) were all set to face each other until news broke that Williams had to pull out. However, Eubank Jr has decided to troll the former title challenger.


The build-up to this fight was very public as Williams was all over social media going after Eubank. It all started when the former title challenger went after Eubank for his performance against Marcus Morrison back in May.

“Fuck me…Chris Eubank Jr you wanna brush up before you come in with me, or I’ll beat the fuck out of you.”

Liam WIlliams

It was just the beginning as things would quickly escalate between the two fighters. Fans got to see it all take place in real-time. Williams was coming off of a loss via unanimous decision at the hands of WBO middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade back in April. However, he wasted little time looking to get another high-profile fight, and it seemed that Eubank Jr was the target.

The Machine continued to go after Eubank with a series of tweets attacking his manhood.

“Any Brits fancy a dust-up?? Fed up with all this now. Who wants some? @ChrisEubankJr, you want it, you fucking ballbag?…I’ll beat the fuck out of you.”

“That Pussy @ChrisEubankJr doesn’t seem to wanna sign on the dotted line.”


Currently ranked #1 (WBA) and #3 (WBC), Next-Gen, after defeating Wanik Awdijan with a brutal body shot, decided he had enough of the social media antics of Williams, who ranks #6 by both the WBC and WBA. The two were set to settle everything on the undercard two-divisional undisputed champion Claressa “T-rex” Shields’ United Kingdom debut on December 11.

Eubank could not wait to get his hands on Williams and make him pay for all the disrespectful trash talk. Furthermore, he felt that Williams had gone too far and went below the belt trying to build up the fight.

“On a personal level, I wanted this fight. He’s said a lot of things online, a lot of stuff that I can’t forgive and that he has to pay for….He’s gone way below, and yeah, he is going to pay for what he said!”


Fans were ready to see the explosion when these two fighters were going to step inside the ring. Yet, the boxing gods had different plans as news broke that Liam Williams had to pull out of the fight after suffering an injury during training. Eubank immediately took to social media and showed his opponent no mercy at all. Moreover, he made it clear that he called it that Williams was all bark and no bite.

Chris Eubank Jr. goes after Liam Williams for pulling out of their fight

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By: Garrisson Bland

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