Filip Hrgovic Pours On Disrespect: “I Retire If I Lose To Dubois!”

Filip Hrgovic Predicts He Will Outclass Daniel Dubois

Filip Hrgovic in a faceoff with Daniel Dubois
Filip Hrgovic says Daniel Dubois is an easy foe (Getty Images)

Filip Hrgovic Says a Loss to Daniel Dubois is a Career-Ender

When hard-hitting heavyweight Filip “El Animal” Hrgovic (17-0, 14 KO’s) goes to war with Daniel “Dynamite” Dubois (20-2, 19 KO’s), the Croatian says much more than his undefeated record will be on the line. Feeling that he is a much superior fighter, should Hrgovic lose to Dubois, he has vowed to hang up the gloves.

“If I lose, I will retire! Fuck that shit, man! I retire if I lose I to fucking Dubois! That’s not, ‘I’m the best, I think I can beat everyone,’ and if I lose to him, obviously I am not the best! I’m not even close to the best if I lose to him!”


Truthfully speaking, it’s a common thing to hear boxers make wild and outlandish claims to underscore their confidence in victory. Hrgovic, 31, ranked #1 (IBF), #5 (WBO) and #8 (WBC), will not be the first nor the last to threaten to retire if he comes up short.

Yet, aside from mere bravado, Hrgovic appears to have a genuine disdain for Dubois, or, at the very least, a tangible lack of respect. It’s easy to assume that this overt dismissal of Dubois, 26, as a fighter and potentially dangerous opponent stems from a previous sparring session.

“He is orthodox, he has the basic style and he is a little bit slow. You can see his punches coming, he don’t have great defense, so he has an easy style. He is not some slick fighter or southpaw or some crazy fast guy. So his style is normal.

When we sparred in London, he mentioned that. This guy is so fucking stupid he mentioned the sparring where he got beaten up. Why would you mention this?! You should be quiet about this. I should mention this [. . .] He was destroyed, man!”


Due to his fundamental lack of respect, it’d probably be a fair assumption to believe that Hrgovic will come straight at Dubois. The real question though: will Dubois, ranked #4 (IBF), #4 (WBC), #6 (WBC) and #7 (WBO), be the same easily digestible meal that Hrgovic last remembers or will he prove to be more mature with newly developed wrinkles? Only time will tell, but getting these answers should make for a really fun night for those watching at the venue and from the comfort of their homes!

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