Frank Warren: “We’re Not Running Any Shows Until March 2022”

Frank Warren Halts All Fights Until March 2022!

Frank Warren overlooks an empty boxing ring
Frank Warren overlooks an empty boxing ring

Frank Warren Halts All Fights Until March 2022!

Promoter Frank Warren of Queensberry Promotions is already facing issues ahead of 2022. The London-based promoter was set to kick things off in January. Instead, he will not put on any events until March. The decision stems from the recent spike in COVID-19 cases due to the new variant, Omicron.

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Speaking to iFL TV he said the following:

“Just a shame where we are with this latest COVID situation, which is pretty awful. The Board of Control has decided, the only governing body we have, they have decided to stop boxing in January. We had a show, as you know, planned for January. Well we had it on sale for January. So we’ve sort of given that a lot of thought and, as a result of that, we’re not going to run any shows in February. 

Because who knows what’s going to happen at the end of January and we were going to run the twelfth of January, and that’s going to only give us two weeks to basically sell a show. For all we know, it may even get canceled again, because they extended the period last year. If you remember, they locked down, then they did it for another month or so, six weeks. So we’re not going to take that risk and waste everyone’s time booking venues we can’t use. So we’re going to run three shows in March because, I believe by then, I hope we’re over the worse of this.”

To be quite honest, this is the smart play by Warren. The Omicron variant has already caused college basketball and football to either postpone or cancel games. Just as well, the NFL and NBA have pushed back and reshuffled their schedules. This isn’t good for business, however, it’s something that’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. This forces everyone to figure out how to properly deal with this virus to the best of their ability.

Hopefully the effect of the Omicron variant doesn’t cause another shutdown in boxing like it did in 2020.

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By: Jerrell Fletcher

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