Ryan Garcia Quizzically Snubs WBC Champion For Title Eliminator

Ryan Garcia plays stupid on WBC title fight

Ryan Garcia leans against ring ropes
Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia plays stupid on WBC title fight

As a fight fan, it is becoming increasingly difficult to truly get behind this budding crop of lightweight fighters. Of course this does not apply to all of them, but the shoe fits a disturbing amount of them. To expound upon this notion, let’s take a look at Ryan “KingRy” Garcia (21-0, 18 KO’s). In a recent tweet, he went out of his way to degrade WBC World Lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (25-0, 15 KO’s). The happy-go-lucky Californian kid took issue with and disparaged his title and the way that he’s moved throughout his career.

Ryan Garcia disparages Devin Haney
Ryan Garcia disparages Devin Haney


Let’s dig into this a bit. Garcia is kicking dirt on Haney’s resume but who has he fought? There was much hubbub surrounding his last fight with Luke Campbell. This was because Campbell represented his own first official step-up fight. Until then, many regarded KingRy as merely a hyped-up social media sensation. Yes, Garcia did ultimately knockout Campbell but that was only after being dropped himself. Said to say, he had anything but a flawless performance. Also, no disrespect to Campbell, but if we are being truthful, the UK bruiser has lost every time that he has stepped up in a major fight. So while Campbell is a solid test, he is far from the cream of the crop.

The victory over Campbell earned Garcia an interim WBC title but not a full or legitimate strap. The real WBC Lightweight title is owned by Haney. This presents a curious dynamic. Garcia has a secondary title but is snubbing the guy with the actual title. Rather than fight Haney for that title, KingRy would rather face Javier Fortuna (36-2-1, 25 KO’s) who has no belt. So it forces the question: what is Garcia’s actual motivation to fight?

KingRy, on countless occasions, has himself slathered Haney in praise and stated that he is definitely one of the best in the division. So he cannot say that he is not talented. Haney has the legit title, regardless of how he got it. This means The Dream is a title fight, a meaningful, challenging fight and a major payday. If this is not enough motivate Garcia to dance with him, what in the hell is?!


For whatever the reason, it’s very fashionable at the moment for lightweight fighters to say Haney has not done anything. In doing so, they always fail to mention that he worked his way into the WBC #1/mandatory challenger position for then WBC World Lightweight champion Vasiliy “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko. Once done, it was Team Lomachenko who went well out of their way to avoid the Haney fight. They accomplished this by dropping the legitimate WBC title in order to pick up the near universally loathed “WBC Franchise” trinket. That is not Haney’s fault or doing.

Not to mention Garcia is the same guy who did a great deal of public political grandstanding to get more pay from his Golden Boy promoters. It should be noted that this transpired before his bout with Campbell. So, before he even fought anyone of note himself, he was pulling bratty political moves to advance his own career, yet now he is quick to point fingers. That is both shallow and hypocritical.

It is beyond tiresome and irritating to hear fighters who have little to nothing themselves tell other fighters to get their weight up! Also, Haney really, more than anyone in the division, has consistently called out all the top fighters. There is no denying that fact. Again, it simply is not his fault that none, including Garcia, will answer the call. Obviously Fortuna is a known and proven talent and would make a great scalp if KingRy can claim it. Yet, at the moment, he brings less to the table and Garcia knows it. Besides, if Haney is such a clown, then beat him and commandeer his title. Doing so would only grant him more political power and leverage. That would be too much like right though.

Instead, he would rather sit on his tower of second tier opposition, armed with his superficial title and talk trash from the safety of a keyboard. It is sad, disappointing and completely unimpressive. Unfortunately this is the best that we can expect from many of our up-and-coming fighters!

By: Bakari Simpson

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