Terri Harper Eager For July Return; Wants Jonas, Thanderz, Or Brodnicka

WBC champ Terri Harper Eager to Return

Terri Harper (left), (top to bottom) Natasha Jonas, Katharina Thanderz, Ewa Brodnicka
Terri Harper (left), (top to bottom) Natasha Jonas, Katharina Thanderz, Ewa Brodnicka

WBC champ Terri Harper Eager to Return

When WBC and IBF world super featherweight champion Terri Harper (10-0, 5 KO’s) won the WBC strap, she found herself injected with a huge surge of confidence. Although already the IBF champion, when Harper bested Eva Wahlstrom (23-2-2, 3 KO’s) by way of unanimous decision, she knew that she truly belonged on the elite level.

This is why, like most fighters on the planet, Harper was extremely crestfallen when COVID-19 cut the lights out on boxing for an unforeseen amount of time. She had just made history by becoming the first female British boxer to claim a WBC title and was itching to defend it. Even worse, Harper was already scheduled to face Natasha Jonas (9-1, 7 KO’s).


Similar to Harper, Jonas also made history by becoming the first British female boxer to compete in the Olympics. Jonas did so when she appeared in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Due to her overall total experience, and the opportunity to advance her own station in life, Harper was looking forward to facing Jonas.

“Obviously Tasha is not really fetching a belt to the table or anything, but obviously Tasha has got all the amateur experience. I believe that the amateur and professional games are completely different, but I think like Eddie [Hearn] says it’s a good domestic fight. And I think me fighting Tasha is kind of a stepping stone in being able to boost my profile and stuff like that, more of home, well-known name.”


Sadly, Harper has heard statements about the upcoming scrap, originally scheduled for April 24, that left her believing that the fight might now be way up in the air once again.

“The one thing that kind of worried me that Andrew said on that press conference, saying he don’t want fighters to feel like they are being pushed into a fight. Like boxing’s being brought back too soon. So that’s kind of put questions in my head, is Tasha going to be ready? Is Tasha preparing for this fight and ready for July?”

“Because I don’t want it to come to July over the next few weeks and we get a fight date for Tasha to say that she is not ready…I want to be fighting in July, it’s a historic show, it’s going to be looked back on in years to come.”


If it turns out that Jonas is on her game and ready to compete, then Harper will be happy to meet her challenge in the ring. Nevertheless, in the event that Jonas is negligent in her preparations and is not ready for combat, then Terri Harper is more than willing to move on the next best opportunity

“With the Tasha fight, even if Tasha turns around and says that she is not ready, I’ll be happy to fight [Katharina] Thanderz who is my mandatory. Or even looking at fighting, which may sound crazy, but even a unification fight with [WBO world super featherweight champion] Ewa Brodnicka.”

“I just think I have been training hard and non-stop, I stayed ready, I’ve done what I’ve been told to do and I just want to make sure I having a good fight in July.”

In the end, regardless of who it’s against, Terri Harper is doing everything she can to be a part of the first wave of fighters reigniting the sport with a July date.

By: Bakari Simpson

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