Tony Harrison: “Just Pay Me The Money And I Will Fight Fundora”

Tony Harrison Wants Smoke with The Towering Inferno!

Tony Harrison looks to fight Sebastian Fundora
Tony Harrison (L, Credit: Getty Images), Sebastian Fundora (Esther Lin/Showtime)

Tony Harrison Open to a Bout with Sebastian Fundora

Back on April 9, super welterweight fighter Tony “Super Bad” Harrison (29-3-1, 21 KO’s) successfully re-entered the win column. It was the Detroit native’s first win since 2018. He pulled the feat off by outpointing Sergio Garcia directly following his controversial draw with Bryant Perrella. It was a controversial ruling because the general thought was that Perrella had done more than enough to get the nod in the affair.

Yet, with both Perrella and Garcia crossed off on his hit list, Harrison is now preoccupied with securing his next prizefight. Here though, Super Bad finds himself filled with frustration. This is because the one-time WBC super welterweight champion feels that, due to his skill and in-ring acumen, he is heavily avoided. In a recent interview with ThaBoxingVoice, Harrison went into greater detail.

“I feel like I’m probably the most denied! I’m the guy that don’t nobody kinda want to fight. I’m in between a puncher and a boxer, I’m in between this and that, I’m fast, I’m strong, I’m lanky, I got good ring IQ. I just think I am a guy that nobody wants to fight. And after a great performance with [Sergio] Garcia and Garcia just had a good performance against Fundora, it’s like now my door is closed […] I would love to get back in the ring September, October. But it don’t look like that is happening because we don’t have no one for me to fight.”


Now if Harrison got his hands on a magic lamp, he would quickly make a fight with rising star and interim WBC 154–pound champion Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora (19-0-1, 13 KO’s). Sadly, let Harrison tell it, this has been another elusive bout.

“Pay me the money and I will fight him [Fundora] too! Just pay me the money and I will fight him!”

Before he could test his might against the challenge of The Towering Inferno however, the business of boxing would have to be satisfied. This is where Harrison feels things get complicated.

“If it comes across my table, I usually say yes. It ain’t nobody that came across my table that I said no to. A lot of people think that, ‘oh he can fight this guy and fight that guy,’ but it ain’t that easy. The fight has to come across my table. In order for me to get the mothafucka, it got to come across my table. It can’t just be a fan [asking for it].”


It may certainly well be true that Harrison has not been presented with a contract or offer to face Fundora. At the same time, a great follow-up question would be: what efforts or paperwork has Super Bad slapped on these other fighters’ tables? Is he actively chasing fights or merely passively waiting for them to come his way? That certainly wouldn’t be a great tactic as he himself believes he is openly avoided!

At the moment though, the Fundora duel is a moot point, anyway. This is due to Fundora already being contracted to face Carlos Ocampa on October 8. So, let’s see who Harrison can get in the meantime. Or, will be he sitting idle until the New Year?

By: Bakari Simpson

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