Harrison to J-Rock: “If I Win, You Win, Let’s Make it Happen!”

Tony Harrison open to fighting J-Rock Williams After Jermell Charlo

Tony Harrison and Julian J-Rock Williams
Tony Harrison (left) and Julian J-Rock Williams (right).

Tony Harrison interested in a unification against Julian J-Rock Williams if both win their rematches!

WBC junior middleweight champion Tony “Super Bad” Harrison was in Las Vegas for the June 23 Jermell Charlo vs Jorge Cota fight.

Originally, the 28-year old Detroit native was to rematch the former WBC champion. However, he had to pull out because of an injury which led to Cota stepping in.

All the same, he had a lot to say concerning the future of the division.

When asked about unified champion Julian “J-Rock” Williams’ victory over Jarret “Swift” Hurd he replied:

“You know what, I picked J-Rock to win. I probably was the only one that picked J-Rock to win.

“In this sport of boxing, it’s not about who’s the best. It’s about who’s matched up against the person that can beat them. I think Julian was just the guy matched up to beat him [Hurd].”

The champion would further elaborate on this point, while giving an honest assessment of Charlo.

“I think I’m the guy that’s matched up to beat Jermell. I think he’s a hell of a fighter. Do I like him? No! I don’t give a fuck about him, but style match -p stylistically, I’m just the guy that will beat him every time ten times out of ten.”

Harrison didn’t hold his words when asked if himself and Williams are victorious, would there be a unification and what time frame could fans expect to see it.

“The one thing that makes me and Julian so different is that we not gonna let the hype build up between each other.

“It can only be one king in this division. It’s not two, it’s not three, even though it’s Julian right now. Then, me and somebody else on the other end we don’t care about.

“If he wins and I win, it’s no tune-up between mine. It’s no holding out, it’s no we keep letting this shit build. It’s on. I win, you win, let’s make it happen.”

There are several of us inside the boxing community that wholeheartedly agree with the champion about fights marinating too long. 

It’s refreshing to hear a fighter come forth and be willing to say what frankly, has made both fans and pundits frustrated with the sports at times. 

However, before we get too far ahead, both champions have to be successful in their respective rematches and in this sport, that’s easier said then done!

By: Garrisson Bland

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