Henry Garcia: “I Heard Boots Is Badass; They Also Said Haney Was”

Heny Garcia Looks to Spin the Narrative on Boots

Henry Garcia claims to not know IBF champion Boots Ennis
Henry Garcia says Boots Ennis is not the as good as people think

Henry Garcia Doesn’t Think Boots is the Boogeyman People Claim

Popular fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia’s (25-1, 20KO) father, Henry Garcia, responded to those who believe his son shouldn’t fight IBF welterweight champion Jaron “Boots” Ennis. In addition, the elder Garcia attacked the resume of the hard-punching Philadelphian.

With a big victory comes a new and even bigger challenge. After defeating WBC junior welterweight champion Devin Haney, Garcia announced a move to welterweight. Moreover, King Ry expressed a willingness to fight Boots when asked about who he wants to fight in the division. Yet, several pundits and fans advise him to avoid the division’s boogeyman.


While speaking with MillCity Boxing, the elder Garcia had a message for those who don’t believe his son can handle Ennis.

“I don’t know Boots. I heard he’s badass, but they also said that Haney was badass. Guys, stop with all this crap . . . and the results that he’s been knocking people out.”

“Before you say, ‘stay away from Boots’, look at his resume . . . his resume means the people that he’s fought, their record, their ages, and their status. Look at all that shit, and then come to my son’s status, and then call me back and say, ‘stay away from Boots’. Stop the cap.”

Some view his comments as an attempt to change the narrative. Garcia claimed not to know Boots, yet a video went viral of how his demeanor changed after Matchroom Boxing’s chairman, Eddie Hearn, dropped Ennis’ name.

Nonetheless, it is hard to believe he isn’t fully aware of how dangerous the IBF champion can be. There is no way Garcia’s son moves up without knowing who the champions are in the division. Will they fight, though? Like King Ry, Ennis is blessed with speed and power, but also possesses freakish athleticism.

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