Eddie Hearn: “There’s A Problem If Terri Harper Loses To Heather Hardy”

Eddie Hearn Has The Utmost Confidence In Terri Harper

Terri Harper looks confidently towards Heather Hardy
Terri Harper looks confidently towards Heather Hardy

Eddie Hearn Believes Terri Harper Should Beat Heather Hardy

Former WBC junior lightweight champion Terri Harper (11-1-1, 6ko) is taking a huge risk after losing the title via fourth-round stoppage at the hands of Alycia Baumgardner. The former champion will face former WBO featherweight champion Heather “The Heat” Hardy (22-2, 4ko) on March 12.


Some fans feel Harper is returning to the ring way too soon. Harper did not just lose. She was left unconscious, out cold on her feet by the current WBC junior lightweight champion, Baumgardner, in November 2021. Furthermore, Harper is moving up in weight, and it is unsure if the mental aspect of the knockout is still affecting her. Hardy suffered two defeats in a row and is as tough as they come. However, she is capable of winning this fight, if the former champion has not fully recovered, mentally.

Interestingly enough, long-time rival unified champion Mikaela Mayer showed compassion in expressing that Harper is being rushed back into action. 

“Way too soon! I feel bad for Terri Harper….She could’ve had a great career, but she’s constantly being moved too quickly. She was rushed into a title shot before she was ready, put in tough fights, and now being rushed back into the ring 3 months after getting knocked out. SMH!”

Mikaela Mayer – Unified Junior Lightweight Champion

Keep in mind, these two have a long, well-documented history that had fans firing up the popcorn watching them trade shots on social media. Mayer and Harper were being groomed for a major showdown viewed as a bout between the two top fighters of the division


British promoter Eddie Hearn sees this differently from everyone else, including Mayer. During an interview with iFL TV, Hearn pushed back hard while making it clear that Harper should be able to beat Hardy.

“It’s the perfect fight! You know, I saw Mikaela Mayer’s comments about ‘ Oh, she’s [Harper] been thrown under a bus, and it’s too early for her.’ Look, Terri Harper got beat by Baumgardner, great performance. Call it the brilliance of Baumgardner, call it the weight, call it the inactivity, the injury, whatever! It doesn’t matter, it’s done!”

Hearn would add a profound statement to support his argument.

“So now we’ve got to move on. She’s moved up to 135 pounds, you’ve got Heather Hardy, who’s a legend of combat sports, women combat sports. She’s tough as they come, she’s going to come to win. It’s not just about having easy fights. Terri Harper should be beating Heather Hardy, and if she doesn’t, then there is a problem.”

Eddie Hearn – Matchroom Boxing Chairman

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