Javan Hill: I Want to Finish Training Fury for Emanuel Steward

Javan “Sugar” Hill Comes Full Circle

Javan Hill (left), Tyson Fury
Javan Hill (left), Tyson Fury

Javan “Sugar” Hill Comes Full Circle

With only a little more than a week to go, the fight world is buzzing for the highly anticipated rematch between Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury (29-0-1, 20 KO’s) and WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-0-1, 41 KO’s). In the build-up to this mega event one of the main talking points has been the complete revamping of Fury’s team.

In a surprise move, Fury elected to drop his friend and chief second, Ben Davison. His choice of replacement would be Javan “Sugar” Hill. Hill is the nephew of the late, great trainer Emanuel Steward. Although new to the Fury team, Hill has long since had an established relationship with the fast talking big man.


Sugar Hill had the chance to become acquainted with Fury well back in 2010 when he came to the famed Kronk Gym in Detroit to train. At the time, the Gypsy King was dealing more directly with Emanuel Steward. However, Hill was on hand and the two did establish a beneficial rapport with one another.

This is why Hill took no surprise that Fury was interested in working with him for his upcoming bout with Wilder.

“It wasn’t really that much of a surprise, we had talked before, you know. We’re friends and I was kind of prepped the day before from talking to Andy Lee, which is Tyson’s cousin. I spoke with him on Monday about me possibly training Tyson Fury and the call came through Tuesday morning with Tyson himself.

…it’s a very exciting opportunity for me because I feel this is something that my uncle, Emanuel, started with training Tyson Fury and I want to finish it for him. I want to make his words come true once again.”


Outside of the radical restructuring of his team, Fury has surprised a great deal of people by insisting that this time around he’ll be chasing a knockout. This shocking, for one, because Fury has the reputation of being a light puncher. Further, there are currently arguments swirling in numerous boxing circles whether or not Wilder is the hardest puncher ever in the history of the sport.

Given the grand disparity in concussive striking power, one would think that Fury would simply try to out-box Wilder. Regardless of what most would feel is conventional thinking, Sugar Hill is 100% in accordance with the new game plan. Being raised up and trained in the Kronk system, Hill’s natural disposition is to want the knockout above all else anyway.

“I love the tactics changes that he wants the knockout. We call it the Kronk style, get a knockout, go for the knockout. At least if you don’t get the knockout, it’s a great chance you’re going to win versus just trying to go for the win and if you fall short from a win, you know what, that is. It’s a loss!

Yeah, it’s a risky strategy but it will also be risky to try to stay away. When you try to stay away, sometimes that may be more confident for the other fighter. He’s growing and getting more confident with you staying away trying to be extra cautious. So when you stay away, being extra cautious, you’re not giving yourself that chance to win either.”

No matter what style of combat Fury elects to utilize, the fight was certain to be captivating to the fans. Yet, now that he is barking loudly for all to hear that he is hell bent on scoring the knockout, this bout has become all the more fascinating.

Guess we’ll have to tune in to see if Sugar Hill really can add some of the prestigious Kronk Gym magic to the Gypsy King’s in-ring performance.

By: Bakari Simpson

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