Daniel Jacobs Gets Boring Split Decision Win Over Gabe Rosado

Daniels Jacobs picks up a sleep-inducing split decision win over Gabe Rosado

Daniel Jacobs
Daniel Jacobs

Daniels Jacobs picks up a sleep-inducing split decision win over Gabe Rosado

In the DAZN main event bout, Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs (37-3, 30 KO’s) defeated “King” Gabe Rosado (25-13-1, 14 KO’s) by way of a dreary split decision. The two have maintained a very public rivalry for years. Therefore, the win had to be particularly sweet. By the same token, the loss had to be especially bitter for Rosado.

Ahead of the prizefight, the oddsmakers were heavily in favor of Jacobs prevailing. Most felt that Rosado would put on a great fight, but few earnestly believed he would win. Yet, even as the Miracle Man had said himself, merely beating King Rosado would not be enough. He was cognizant that he had to dominate and show a clear separation in skill and ability. In the ring however, Jacobs did anything but that.


For all the verbal venom that they have spewed on one another, the bout began in overtly pedestrian fashion. Both men were cautious as they worked behind jabs and felt each other out. Although, it was clear that it was Rosado pressing the action and was a bit busier.

Over the course of the next couple of rounds, both fighters grew in comfort. Sadly, the action was still rather nonexistent. Rosado faithfully worked behind his jab while looking to land a short left hook. The Miracle Man was content to counterpunch and search for a home for his right hook. The fourth round was easily Jacobs’ best round thus far in the fight. Here, he landed concentrated and hard-thumping body shots.

Then, just as quickly as his offense appeared, it disappeared. For the next several rounds, Jacobs more or less went back in a shell and allowed Rosado to lead. The Brownsville native would throw menacing shots occasionally, but nothing with any regularity. While Jacobs’ offense was muted, King Rosado threw far more punches, but did not connect with much of anything overly concerning.


The Miracle man briefly woke up in the seventh and eighth when he resumed throwing punches with bad intent. Sadly, his gusto dissipated just as quickly as it did earlier in the bout. For all the talking that both men did, the prizefight played out like a glorified sparring session. Neither man was putting their foot on the gas, and neither attempted to make any sort of statement.

The boring bout drug its sluggish feet into a very dry and anticlimactic twelfth round. Regrettably for the viewers, nothing exciting, interesting and dramatic ever took place. In fact, Jacobs and Rosado fought the final round in nearly identical fashion as the tentative opening round. The most dramatic moment of the night prizefight was actually provided by the ring announcer.

After reading the scorecards, the announcer inadvertently said the winner hailed from Philly rather than Brownsville, New York. After thinking he pulled off the upset for a few elated moments, the confusion was cleared up and Rosado’s bubble was popped. Despite getting the nod, if Jacobs was trying to illustrate that he was still a dangerous top contender, that mission was a fail. It will be interesting to see what both men do next.

By: Bakari Simpson

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