Jaron Ennis: “Thurman Keeps Acting Like He Never Got An Offer”

Jaron Ennis Is Tired Of Hearing Keith Thurman's Name

Jaron Ennis believes Keith Thurman is looking to cashout
Jaron Ennis believes Keith Thurman is looking to cashout | credit: Amanda Westcott/Showtime

Jaron Ennis Believes Keith Thurman is Looking to Cash Out

Undefeated IBF Interim welterweight champion Jaron “Boots” Ennis (31-0, 28KO) has grown increasingly frustrated with former unified champion Keith “One Time” Thurman, who he believes is all talk and no action. The Philadelphian suspects One Time is only interested in securing a substantial payday.

This ongoing verbal exchange has been dragging on since 2022, when Thurman initially called on Team Ennis to send him a contract. Thurman’s persistent claims that the fight could happen if he receives a contract have irked Ennis.


Expressing his exasperation in an interview with YSM Sports Media, Boots revealed that attempts to set up the fight have been in the works, and Thurman has indeed received a contract.

“I’m tired of hearing that. We’re trying, we’re trying, and there’s nothing else I could do. I get tired of hearing his name when they keep bringing it up. Like, we’re trying, he keeps acting like he never got an offer before, but alright, whatever. It is what it is.”

“I feel like he’s looking for a way out. Like he just wants a cash-out . . . He’s just trying to find a big payday. That’s why he keeps calling out [Terence] Crawford . . . I think he’s trying to cash out right now. I don’t think he’s really focused and locked in on boxing.”

Ennis has been eagerly seeking a marquee opponent and is patiently waiting for his shot at a world title. On July 8, his dominance was on full display after securing a commanding tenth-round stoppage over Roiman Villa.

In the author’s view, Thurman is fully aware of the formidable challenge Ennis presents in the ring. Additionally, he has not stepped into the squared circle since February 2022, making it unlikely that he will jump directly into a bout against Ennis unless there are no other options available.

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