Rashidi Ellis: “I’ll Fight Vergil Ortiz, I Been Wanting To Whoop His Ass!”

Rashidi Ellis vows to give Vergil Ortiz a beat down!

Golden Boy fighters Rashidi Ellis (left) and Vergil Ortiz
Rashidi Ellis (left), Vergil Ortiz

Rashidi Ellis vows to give Vergil Ortiz a beat down!

One of the lesser known talents in the welterweight division is the quick-fisted “Speedy” Rashidi Ellis (23-0, 14 KO’s). Despite his superb boxing ability and flawless record, Ellis is far from being a household name. One of the reasons that he does not garner that much notoriety is his shamefully anorexic fight schedule. Since 2017 Ellis has staged only six professional bouts. This is a ridiculously hard way to establish and maintain a widespread fan base.


It’s somewhat a mystery why his Golden Boy Promotions handlers don’t move him with more urgency or purpose. Currently he holds the respectable rankings of #9 (WBO), #10 (IBF), and #12 (WBA). His welterweight stablemates Blair Cobbs and Vergil Ortiz are certainly much more visible and active than is Ellis. Naturally one would speculate that Speedy would be rather miffed about the situation. So much so that he would be looking to extract himself from any further business dealings with Golden Boy. His contract was supposed to have expired but as Ellis explained to ThaBoxingVoice, that might not be so cut and dry.

“It was supposed to be up but I guess I owed them some time but my lawyer is looking into it. So I am going to let the lawyers get into that…right now they didn’t say nothing about no fights, so I hope so but…”


Whether Ellis is required to remain in the control of Golden Boy Promotions or not, he will still need fights. Technically speaking, one of the fights he wants the most at the moment theoretically should be easy to make. That is because Speedy would love to get his paws on the aforementioned Vergil Ortiz Jr (17-0, 17 KO’s). In the promising welterweight contender, Ellis see’s little more than a victim in the making.

“I’ll fight Vergil Ortiz, I been wanting to whoop his ass! I just know, I just see it!”

For his sake, let’s hope that Ellis is able to become far more active in his career. Yet, he’ll probably have to shed his Golden Boy promotional outfit before he can truly spread his wings and attempt major flight. Regardless of how the next chapter unfolds for Ellis, 3kingsboxing will be there to report the story.

By: Bakari Simpson

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