John Riel Casimero Destroys Duke Micah In 3! Eyes Naoya Inoue!

John Riel Casimero Easily Defeats Duke Micah

John Riel Casimero celebrates victory
John Riel Casimero

John Riel Casimero Hardly Breaks a Sweat Against Duke Micah

WBO bantamweight champion John Riel Casimero (30-4, 21ko) is eager to get a fight with the unified champion Naoya “ Monster” Inoue (19-0, 16ko). The two were initially scheduled to face-off April 25, however, COVID-19 complications postponed the fight.

Now Casimero needed to take out #11 ranked undefeated challenger Duke Micah (24-1, 19ko). He did not disappoint!

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This fight started in typical Casimero fashion, it was high-octane action as both men were throwing hard punches to the with mean intentions. However, it was the champion thaT landed the more crisp and telling punches.

Micah would have his moments pumping the jab and landing a solid right-hand counter along with good body shots but for some reason the taller challenger elected to fight on the inside instead of boxing.


In the second round, the lack of lateral movement from the challenger fighting on the inside strongly benefited the champion. Casimero landed a perfect left hook sending his opponent to the canvas and it was the beginning of the end.

Micah was able to survive the round, although, referee Steve Willis came very close to stopping the fight several times. At the start of the third, the doctor was asked to check his eyes as his legs were still like rubber.

Knowing he had a hurt fighter in front of him, Casimero poured it on to start the round. He threw a beautiful right to the head followed by a left hook combination that had the challenger in serious trouble.

The champion would then land a picture-perfect left to the body with a right uppercut that made the referee jump and stop the action.

Casimero would do push-ups as a celebration in the ring as he celebrated his first title defense. Now he looks for the winner of Naoya Inoue vs Jason Moloney October 31.

By: Garrisson Bland

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