Josh Warrington Suffers Fractured Jaw And Perforated Eardrum

Will Josh Warrington Be the Same Following his Upset Loss To Mauricio Lara?

Josh Warrington
Josh Warrington

Will Josh Warrington Be the Same Following his Upset Loss To Mauricio Lara?

Boxing is still reverberating from Josh Warrington’s (30-1, 7 KOs) shocking ninth-round TKO loss to Mauricio Lara (22-2, 15 KOs) on February 13. The former IBF World Featherweight champion was overpowered and ultimately bludgeoned by the unknown 22-year-old from Mexico City. The physical toll that Warrington received was extensive.

We now know the severity of the punishment. The 30-year-old from Leeds, England was taken to the hospital for further examination. Warrington received a full brain scan. According to the BBC, he suffered a fractured jaw, a perforated eardrum, and shoulder damage.

He was released from the hospital and is now at home. However, the physical and mental wounds will last much longer. There are certain fights where the punishment taken throughout the bout stays with a fighter. They never fully recover. This could be the case with Warrington.

The former champ received a sustained beating and went down in the fourth round. From that point on, Warrington was able to recover and fully gain his bearings. Lara moved the Brit with every hard shot he landed. It became tough to watch. The ending of the bout in the ninth was nothing other than brutal.

There is no telling when we will see Warrington fight next. More than anything he needs time to heal his body, mind, and spirit. Here is the bigger question, though. Given what he just went through, will he be the same fighter, again? Only time will tell.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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