Joshua vs Wilder: Can Their Teams Get Serious Now?

When will they decide to make this fight happen? 

If readers remember correctly, I mentioned several times last week how talk about Anthony Joshua versus Deontay Wilder would pick up as soon as the Joseph Parker fight was over. I mean fans have to know “who’s ducking who”, “who really don’t want the fight”, “Hearn is lying”, “DiBella don’t know s***, because Eddie is talking Al Haymon” and of course the inevitable “BombSquad” & “BumbSquad” comments.

The banter between fans on social media is always good for a laugh by boxing insider’s. See “boxing insider’s” or real “boxing people” know the reality of the situation. And, reality is that this fight gets made when the promoters from BOTH sides decides to get off their asses and make the effort to make it.

All the nonsense about Wilder demanding this or that, Hearn is scared, or whatever is straight silliness. On one side you have the Hearn’s, Barry and Eddie, and the other side is Al Haymon, Lou DiBella and Shelly Finkel, these are guys that have made plenty of “big time” fights. They already know pretty much how the purse splits will go, the location, the best network and everything else, they’ve simply not tried to make this fight. Take that however you wish but it’s the truth plain and simple.

Do you really think after the Hearn’s putting on all the cards they have over the years, they don’t know how to make this deal? What about Haymon? You think this is tougher to handle than say May/Pac or any number of fight’s his guys have been involved in? Must be you think the same Finkel that negotiated for a megastar in Mike Tyson is the holdup? Honestly, who do you blame? And, don’t tell me Joshua or Wilder is scared because I immediately disregard anything else you say from that point forward.

The truth is that if these guys sit down in a room together this deal is done pretty quick.

Joshua said the following during an interview with a couple of weeks back; “I think me and Eddie are going to have to go to America and find these guys, let’s see what they’re really about. Nobody has done that yet. We haven’t really talked about anything.”

Hearn told us last week; “Nobody has ever called me about it. Everybody can talk on Twitter but that’s not how you make a fight. I haven’t talked to them and they not to me.” 

They both somewhat reiterated these statements during Saturday night’s post-fight press conference.

Wilder’s promoter, DiBella, has basically told us the same thing recently; “It’s really just a matter of everybody getting together so we can actually talk about the particulars.”

Wilder’s Co-Manager Jay Deas has recently told ; “We just want transparency but we’re willing to talk about anything as long as we’re actually talking about the fight happening.”

Do you see what I’m seeing here? It’s pretty obvious that the fans were a lot more worried about this fight than the actual parties involved. Will that change with Joshua being one belt shy of becoming undisputed? Is both teams ready to put down their Twitter fingers and pick up their pens? The time is NOW!

By: Chris Henderson 

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