Kambosos: “I Want To Feel Lopez’s Power, I Feel That It’s Overrated!”

George Kambosos thinks he will take Teofimo Lopez out in three rounds!

George Kambosos Jr. trains near a banner for his upcoming fight against Teofimo Lopez
George Kambosos Jr.

George Kambosos thinks he will take Teofimo Lopez out in three rounds!

With his fight with unified lightweight champion Teofimo “Take Over” Lopez (16-0, 12 KO’s) just around the corner, George “Ferocious” Kambosos (19-0, 10 KO’s) is ready to go. Throughout the prefight build-up, the Australian has exuded nothing but confidence. Now that we have hit the homestretch, it appears that he is getting even more emboldened! Let Kambosos tell it, he has never been overly impressed with Lopez’s skill nor his braggart ways.

Under further examination there are a number of sound reasons why Kambosos is so cozy in his position. For one, despite being an Australian, Ferocious is quite comfortable fighting in Miami. This is mainly due to the fact he has staged a number of camps there. So much so that he feels as though Lopez is in his backyard. Kambosos explained the situation in a bit greater detail with Behind the Scenes.

“This is actually my fifth camp here, this is my second home now. I’ve had the five camps here in Miami. Like I said, this has become home for me. I feel like Lopez is coming to my hometown, this is my backyard. I know Miami inside out, I know Fort Lauderdale inside out. I got a lot of people that support me, I am representing the whole of Florida because I train here, I prepare here and a lot of my success to get to this position had been because I have been here.”


Beyond being familiar with the territory that he is competing in, Ferocious is not very impressed with Lopez’s skill…or chin. Going a step further than thinking he can out-point the Take Over, he is very confident that he will knock him out.

“Well look, it’s evident, we’ve seen it in the sparring sessions. I’ve showed some footage as well of him getting put down. I feel that he does have a glass jaw. I feel that if you hit him clean with the speed and the power that I am possessing at this stage of my career, I will put him down and put him to sleep. They are talking about three rounds. Well be careful because that comes to bite you in the ass and I’ll take you out in three rounds!

…I want to feel his power because I feel that it’s overrated! I feel that the guys he’s knocked out have been C-class guys except for Commey. He caught him with a good shot, it could have been the other way. But a little Lomachenko, who was out of the ring for so long, did he really damage him up that bad? Nakatani, did he really damage Nakatani up that bad? So it’s a different breed, I am cut from a different cloth.”

These are strong words for someone who most openly view as a significant underdog! In the end though, the only person who needs to have faith in Kambosos is Kambosos. Luckily for him, and the fans, we do not have to wait much longer to see the thrilling conclusion to this personal prizefight.

By: Bakari Simpson

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