Keith Thurman on Spence: “I just know he’s never traded with somebody like me”

“Box him, baby”

While Errol Spence Jr is set to defend his IBF title this Saturday against Lamont Peterson, most feel the fight is just another step towards the biggest fight in the welterweight division in the foreseeable future in Spence vs WBA & WBC champion Keith Thurman.

Thurman has taken some heat from critics for what seems like a “lack of desire” in wanting to face Spence. He did however take the time to say on a recent media call how he sees himself beating Spence though.

“Box him, baby…the fundamentals are very simple, you know, the thing is can you execute it? At the end of the day every fight is the same for me: I’m gonna hit you, you’re gonna hit me, but I’m gonna hit you more than you hit me. That’s it. That’s the formula to victory.

“Do I hit people with power punches, am I able to hurt you throughout the exchanges? Can I knock you out, do I go for the knockout? You know, my mind’s not set on fighting Errol right now so I don’t have — it’s different, you know? Like fight week I have my strategy, I know what I’m gonna do. I know how I feel emotionally, what I’m trying to accomplish that night…

“But I just see a lot of boxing, moving, and trading. You know, there’s gonna be opportunities to trade toe-to-toe and he’s a strong fighter in his own right, but I just know he’s never traded with somebody like me and maybe I’ve never traded with somebody like him, but once you’re in the ring with me I normally get my respect quick so…so we’ll see what’s up.”

Thurman will make his return to the ring against former WBO welterweight champion Jesse Vargas in April. He has been out with an injury since defeating Danny Garcia last March in an unification bout.

By: Chris Henderson