Kenny Porter: “There Is No Way Possible Shawn Only Won Four Rounds!”

Kenny Porter Felt Shawn Porter Was Given a Raw Deal!

Kenny Porter and Shawn Porter vs Errol Spence Jr
Kenny Porter and Shawn Porter vs Errol Spence Jr.

Kenny Porter vents his frustrations out on the scorecards and the low blows!

3kingsboxing affiliate 78SportsTv spoke with father/trainer of former WBC welterweight champion Shawn Porter, Kenny Porter. Never shy of speaking his mind, the passionate trainer opened up about the thrilling unification match-up that took place September 28 at the Staples Center.

Unified champion Errol Spence Jr. was awarded a split decision victory in a very close fight. However, some took exception with two of the judges scorecards 116-111 as they felt the cards were too wide.

Furthermore, there is chatter within the boxing community involving feelings that a serious case can be made that his son won the fight. This has kicked up a hornets nest on several social media platforms including outcries of a robbery.

When asked for his thoughts, the vocal trainer revealed some interesting information.

“Naw there is no way possible Shawn only won four rounds of that fight! It’s impossible for someone to judge that kind of fight looking at it an think he only won four rounds. I’m not in agreement with that but beyond that, the low blows Errol was hitting Shawn with I spoke with the referee about it three or four times during the fight.

“I respect the ref. I think he’s great at what he does but he told me Shawn was wearing his shorts high and there was nothing he could do about the low blows.”

Porter would elaborate even further with frustration about how this effected his son.

“I just found that unbelievable that this is the best answer you can give me for low blows that was clearly low.

“It caused Shawn a lot of trouble to the point he felt numbness in his lower extremities and he told me in the corner he didn’t want to make any excuses but I feel like I’m numb I can’t feel anything.”

Porter didn’t hesitate to point out how the unified champion accused his son of being a dirty fighter, but was repeatedly hitting low and a point should have taken away at the very least.

Furthermore, expressing how the unified champion knew the low blows was depleting the energy of his son, while defending his fighter’s integrity saying:

“Errol came into fight the saying everybody knows your [Shawn] is a dirty fighter. Ok then why didn’t Shawn retaliate with a dirty movement?”

“Was there any point in time did anybody think Shawn was being dirty in this fight? NO! But Errol definitely threw low blows and they were definitely clearly below not just the waist area they were below the groin.”

These comments from the Kenny definitely add even more fuel to the fire and giving credence to those who feel that an immediate rematch is warranted.

By: Garrisson Bland

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