Sergey Kovalev: “Light Heavyweight is My Division!”

Sergey Kovalev Warns Canelo Alvarez Who's Division He Is Moving Up To

Sergey Kovalev and Canelo Alvarez
Sergey Kovalev (left) and Canelo Alvarez (right).

Sergey Kovalev fighting for his own history!

In the build up to Kovalev versus Alvarez, the majority of press releases have been stories framed around Canelo attempting to make history. The defensively sound middleweight champion is looking to become the first Mexican in history to capture titles in four separate divisions. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 KO’s) is setting out to capture Sergey “The Krusher” Kovalev’s (34-3-1, 29 KO’s) WBO world light heavyweight title on November 2 under the hot lights of the MGM Grand.

If Alvarez, the WBA world middleweight champion, is able to pull the feat off, it would be quite impressive. Kovalev is cognizant that the Mexican star is the A-side and money man in this equation. This is why he is not salty at the way the media has slanted the stories. That doesn’t mean that he is coming to be food for his hungry next foe though.

Regardless of these stories, and Canelo’s ambition, Kovalev is not here to allow Alvarez to run him over. More than make a good account of himself, the Krusher is here to defend his home weight division. During one of the media events to promote the upcoming prizefight the heavy-hitting Russian was quick to point out that Canelo is stepping into his section of the jungle, and not the other way around.

“I’m staying here and I wanna like make my history, my story. You know, because he’s just trying, but this is my division . I’m in this division since my first fight in the pros. Ten years ago I came to the US and Egis [Klimas, Kovalev’s manager] said to me, ‘yeah, let’s move to super middleweight.’

“[…] I said we will make 175 a very famous division and right now it is you know? A lot of good fight skills right now and fighters and now even Canelo comes to 175.”


Light heavyweight is the only division that the Krusher has competed at as a professional. From this standpoint, the WBO light heavyweight champion is approaching this as a must-win contest. He certainly has no interest in losing his belt, nor to losing to a smaller man coming up in weight. Using this as his chief motivation, Kovalev is confident that he will take care of business on November 2.

Along with being at his home weight, Kovalev’s confidence is further buoyed by his new trainer James “Buddy” McGirt. The two hooked up after the first loss to Eleider “Storm” Alvarez (24-1, 12 KO’s) and have worked seamlessly together for the Krusher’s last two bouts.

To date, McGirt’s presence, tutelage, and lessons have composed Kovalev mentally, as well as manifested physically on the canvas. In the pair of appearances with Buddy in his corner, a calmer more composed Kovalev has been in the ring.

“A couple fights ago when I started to work with my new team Buddy McGirt and Teddy Cruz, they gave me back my belief in myself and that it was this team I can do more than without.

“[…] Not a goal to knock someone out, just a need to follow by instruction of the corner, of the coach and everything will be fine.”

Once armed with a solid game plan from his chief second, the Krusher is sure that he will prove to be too big a challenge for Canelo to overcome. It should not be forgotten after all, that it’s not only Canelo fighting for history.

Kovalev is also looking to etch his own name in the halls of boxing history. Teaching the popular Mexican phenom a brutal lesson in why jumping divisions is not always a good idea would definitely place a mighty big feather in his cap!

Only time will tell how this ultimately plays out, yet it should be a great time watching this history unfold!

By: Bakari Simpson

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